Porch Opening

What a wonderful weekend! Despite the predicted rainy weather, we managed to have two beautiful days that we spent entirely outside. We made lots of progress in the yard and garden and it's starting to look pretty good, if I do say so myself. I can't wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share the opening of our screened-in porch. Not much has changed out here since last season, but it's such a happy space that it's one of the few rooms I don't want to change all the time. A new, but nice feeling for me.

The furniture and pillows are basically the same. Green and white, which feels so fresh to me, with a couple pops of coral. Most of the other accents in this space are plants.  

I like to bring my house plants out to the screened-in porch this time of year, before it gets too hot. My umbrella tree is really happy in this sunny corner.  

I also moved my never-ending centerpiece outside. The primrose are loving the cooler nights and really thriving. 

I've had this spider fern for almost 4 years and it's still kicking it. Hard to believe. 

I filled the wall planter with succulents, ferns and geraniums. Surprisingly, these are the same succulents I had on the patio last summer. They spent the winter in the living room and I'm trying them on the porch this spring, hopefully they will continue to thrive. 

Even though the nights were chilly, we still managed a little cocktail hour on the porch. One of my favorite spots this time of year. Especially tonight while we enjoyed the view out to the yard and all the fruits of our weekends work.

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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Porch Inspiration

We've hit a cold snap, right in the middle of my outdoor space spruce up - how dare mother nature! So now, I'm stuck day dreaming about our screened-in porch and all that it could be, one day. Wanna join me?

Gotta have a place to really relax, right? A daybed would be lovely, a swinging daybed? Does it get any better?

How about a hammock? 

A fireplace would be ideal for chilly spring and fall evenings. 

I really love the lighting in this space. 

And don't even get me started on this vintage bamboo furniture set. Amazing.

Any way you slice it, screened-in porches can be a real slice of heaven. And I can't wait to get ours set up and back in action to take advantage of Spring, whenever it decides to show up around here. Thanks for joining me.

Don't forget to check out my Pinterest board for more great inspiration.

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It seems all I've been posting about lately is outside. If that's not your thing, this post won't float your boat either. Because it's all about the screened-in porch. 

This memorial day weekend, we officially opened the porch. It's absolutely perfect on a cool morning this time of year.  With the fan on, a late afternoon is even manageable. And, of course, in the evening the porch really comes into its own. 

It's a small porch, probably about 10 x 10 and I've {quite possibly} tried every single combination of furniture placement. 

We're talking, taking everything out of the room and starting from scratch. Then bringing each piece back in, one at a time, hoping for just the right, magical solution.

There were moments when I was cornered in by furniture. The only way out was to hop, skip and jump over things in this small space. At one point, I had to send out an S.O.S mid move when I found myself wedged between the loveseat and the door. It was all pretty comical, really. 

And in the end, guess what we ended up with? The same arrangement as last year. Can you believe it? All that work, for nothing.  

I suppose we can be confident now that we have covered all our bases. And that's certainly a relief. 

I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. And didn't find yourself stuck while re-arranging any furniture. I'll be back with more about our weekend later in the week.

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A Christmas Welcome

Nothing says Christmas like a well decorated front porch (or stoop or door or whatever you may have).

That's why I've done it up this year.

From garland to wreaths to pots to planters - I've got a little bit of everything. 

Throw in a reindeer and a vintage sled and I really have covered it all!

My planter is a combination of greens, both cedar and fraiser fur, eucalyptus, red dogwood twigs and pinecones. 

Keeping with my rustic elegance theme, I kept the bows and bling to a minimum this year - opting to leave the bows off the garland and decking the wreath with only a bit of ribbon and raffia.

The wicker planter costs were kept to a minimum by working with what I had on hand, namely: vinca vine, coral bells, decorative kale, eucalyptus, red boxwood twigs and faux greenery.

In fact, the only thing I purchased for this planter were two bundles of greenery trimmings, which were actually split between four planters. 

Moving on to the back door...

In the winter, our screened-in porch doubles as a makeshift mudroom. So this year, I decided to give it a little Christmas cheer as well. 

Remember those four planters I mentioned earlier - here's number 3. Just a combination of greens dressed with a simple bow. Perfectly paired with another vintage sled and a trio of lanterns.

The utilitarian side of the porch is accented with a vintage water bottle stuffed full of greenery.

This is the door that I frequent the most and now I smile every time I use it!
Happy Holidays!

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End of Summer Relaxin'

As the summer draws to an end, the nights and mornings are becoming a bit cooler - this is when our porch really shines and gets the most use.

Come on in and take a look...

We've changed things around a bit since last summer. Partially due to the updates in the kitchen and partially for functionality purposes. 

The next couple of images are from last summer. 

Summer 2010

Summer 2010

Now back to this summer...

Our new back door. And you remember my thrifty find - the iron wall planter
And my refinished wicker chest.

This tray was the color scheme inspiration for the porch this year. I wanted to add a bit of coral with the existing green and blue scheme.

Almost time to put the shells away and bring out the fall decor. 
Not quite yet though. 

 I hope you are enjoying the end of your summer!

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