Outdoor Console Refresh {A DIY Project}

Work continues on our back porch refresh, we're not ready for the reveal yet, but progress is being made so I thought I'd share a little DIY we recently completed for the space. 

back porch preview!!

back porch preview!!

Adding additional surface area for food, drinks and entertaining was high on my list of must-haves for our refreshed space. I wanted something that would coordinate and tie in our iron and stone dining table, but after lots of endless searching I wasn't finding anything I loved that was also in the budget. Typical, right? 

Enter this beauty.

Ok, so she's not much to look at now, but she does have iron legs (that have a certain European feel to them) which means she can obviously be outside - bonus. And she's fairly budget friendly - also a bonus. So let's see what we can do with a little creative thinking.

First a trip to the stone warehouse for the perfect remnant. 

Then a little coat of paint to tone down the gold.

Yes, I'm usually a fan of gold, but not on this table. Outside. On our porch. 

Voila! As they say...

With not much effort and a minimal extra cost I got the perfect console for our outdoor space. Yeah for progress! And porch weather. And wine on the porch. And just wine in general. 

More to come...

A Vintage Industrial Inspired Front Room {Client Work}

While work continues on our back porch refresh, I wanted to share a recently completed client project with you. Some of you may have seen this image on my Instagram page...today I thought I'd share the rest of the story. This front room is in a beautiful older home here in Charlotte. The client has a wonderful vintage - industrial inspired style with loads of fabulous pieces, they just needed help bringing the room together. 

Here we are in on our initial consult...the room has super high ceilings and big beautiful windows, but the overall space is not large and serves as both an entry to the home as well as a pass through to the less formal areas at the back of the house. 

While they had great pieces, most where too large in scale for the space. Fortunately, we were able to come up with a plan to utilize some of what they had while adding a few key pieces to open up the room and make it more functional. All while keeping the budget in check, of course!

The initial plan took cues from the era of the home, updated the look and maximized seating. We removed the overscale sofa, but kept the love seat and wing chairs; added a new rug, light fixtures, occasional tables and accents. Of course, some things change along the way - as they always seem to do. 

Here you can see that we flipped the lovesest away from the front door and into the alcove of the bay windows. The large sofa was relocated to an upstair playroom and the wing chairs were moved to the far wall. Their tall backs and dark upholstery help to anchor the design and frame the window beautifully. We also upgraded the rug with an all wool, neutral option and added a brass and glass table to lighten the overall feel of the room and allow the rug to really shine. 

A couple of new low back chairs open the view to the front door and work well with their vintage-industrial style.  A new-to-them vintage light fixture and simple accessories finish off the space. Note: new fireplace tile surround coming soon!

I really enjoy working in older homes (there aren't many here in Charlotte!) and this project was no different. So much fun, especially when it's for such a great young family. There's one more room to go in this project, and so far it's coming together nicely. Can't wait to share more, soon!

PS. you and I both know that these pictures are not doing this project justice. I really need to stop with the iPhone shots and bust out the big camera or even (never gonna happen) invest in a true photographer. It's on the list, people. On the list!

More to come...


5 Inspirational Porches

5 Inspirational porches to get your Spring re-fresh groove on...

I've been pinning my little heart out, gaining inspiration for our upcoming porch re-fresh. Wanna see some things that have caught my eye? Of course, you do!

Loving the multi-functionality of this space, all the neutrals and continuity throughout. 

Similar to the first porch in terms of neutrals but with a lot more plants and more of a cozy, homey feel.

Can you say greenery? Love it! But, in our climate with my semi-black thumb and summer travel schedule probably not terribly practical. If you can do it, awesome, have me over!

Palms! Love me some palms. This feels way more tropical, in a good way. Also digging the mixed textures with metals, stone, glass and whicker. Collected, but not disjointed. 

I tried to stay away from all the hanging bench/chair/beds because I know it's not a possibility in our space, but man, it's hard. They all look so fun!

I do love a brick porch though, and those palms! Again with the palms. Mixed materials, neutrals, greenery...ah, yes, I can see it all coming together in my head. And I'm excited, very excited. 

More to come...

Porch Evolution {and what's next}

Spring has finally sprung in Charlotte and now that we're done with our most recent indoor project, it's time to shift our focus outside. Up first, the porch. We've made a lot of progress on the porch in the time that we have been here ... let's take a look back over the years.

In the beginning...

Of course, it looked a bit better than this when we purchased the house...but not much! The awning was on it's last leg and the lack of access to the back yard moved this project to the front of the line. 

We extended the porch and added a pergola ... then added a plexiglass roof, which leaked ... then added a metal roof. So, yeah, we learned that one that hard way but we ended up with a porch that's perfect for us. And probably one of the most used spaces in the house, especially for entertaining!

Once the structure was in place, it was time to get decorating. My fav part, obv.

Initially we utilized our whicker furniture from our screened-in porch in Chicago, which was super cute, but definitely not functional in the open elements. 

When my parents down sized, we were lucky enough to receive their wrought iron furniture (couch, loveseat, 5 bouncy chairs and a couple of accent tables). We immediately replaced the whicker and spruced up the space a little. But, of course, nothing lasts for long around here...something's always changing. 

We decided to build a patio at the foot of the porch.  And it was the perfect spot for all that wrought iron. A match made in heaven. 

But, it left us with a naked porch. A blank slate. A decorators dream. Of course, this was over a year ago but you know details, details. Some spaces take a lot of thought and research and time. 

It's finally starting to come together and I'm excited to share the process with you. 

More to come...