Tottenham House: Master Bedroom Before and After {Client Work}

While I'm on the road I've planned a couple of posts each week highlighting some of my most recent client work at the Tottenham house, home to the sweetest family of four. We started working on their bedroom makeover early in the year and finally wrapped up the last of the details this Summer. Good things come to those that wait, right?

Master suite makeover moodboard.

 Our clients requested a glam bedroom, with only the chandelier to remain. 


His side. 


Her side. 


This was such a fun project to work on, with such a fun couple! There's lots more to share…I'll be back later in the week with more updates from the master suite. Have a good one!

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Den Before and After

Over the weekend I took some current pictures of our den for a before and after piece that will appear in a local marketing mailer and I thought I would share them here, too.

When we first saw this house we immediately loved the wood burning fireplace, but knew the surround needed a little help. 

Den- Before

Never underestimate the power of paint and well thought out space planning. 

We decided to buck the trend and apply a dark, rich color to the walls in an already small and dark space. I love the cozy effect it created. I say why try to be something you aren't…if it's already a cozy space, embrace it and play it up. 

You may also have noted that we finally got rid of that outdated fan. We gave it a whole summer and never once used the fan - time to go! This fixture came from our dining room. You know what that means, someone got an update … more details on that later.

The den has been one of the biggest "works in progress" in the house - chairs that needed recovering, new lighting, rug issues, new furnishingslayout changes. You name it, this room seems to have seen it all. It's been a process, but I love to watch the evolution of design unfold and this room has been a great example of that.


Here's another shot of the den "before". We had a similar set up when we first moved in - I think we assumed this was the best layout because the previous owner had it that way. After about a year, we decided to change the location of the sofa and the room has felt so much better since. You never know until you try...

Despite all the changes, it's a cozy room that we've loved hanging out in through it all - and I'm thrilled to say that it's finally reached it's end goal. Notice I didn't say anything about it being done.

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Back Porch Before and After

It's official, I've dragged this back porch makeover project on for long enough. Not that it's entirely my fault - the construction portion of this project did take almost 9 weeks - but I'm finally ready to show the before and afters with you, today.

Here's the before, if you recall. 25' wide x 10' deep with a "seen way better days" forest green awning. 

And, the after, which includes an extended deck (now 25' x 15'), wrap around stairs, pergola and polycarbonate roof
Can we just say, it's a bit of an improvement!

Of course, no 'before and after' is complete without a side by side comparison.

There is so much we love about our new deck, but one of the best things is that we no longer have to grill like this when we are in the yard. Yeah, for stairs! And access to the yard. 

I'll be back later in the week to share more details (read about them here) about what's actually on the deck. Nothing like an end of summer back porch makeover, right? 
Hey, better late than never! That's what I always say. 
Of course, we still have months of summer-like-temperatures ahead of us. Hello, 95+ all week. 

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Dining Room Progress: Week 6 {Walls Before and After}

Our dining room is officially back in business. Of course, there are lots of outstanding issues, like the window treatments and wall decor, but at least we have a usable room again. 

We've come a long way from the days of the retro, tropical themed paper
{Had some fun earlier this week putting the hutch back together with a couple of new additions.}

And the sad little undersized wainscoting that used to line the walls. 

The new board and batten style moulding is larger and chunkier, adding a lot of architectural interest to the space. Not to mention, setting off our new, bold wall color.

Next on the list, is replacing these sad 10 year old Target faux-silk draperies.

Adding a mirror here and working on this pathetic excuse for a tabletop vignette. 

Back in the day, I gave you a sneak peek of the antique pine jam cabinet we added to this corner of the room. 

So much more storage and functionality in the space already. And we love how the warm coral color on the walls, brings out the golden tones of the pine.

Special thanks to Mr. DD and our little helper, who put in all the effort to get the dining room back to a useable space just in time for the holidays. 

Happy weekend everyone! 

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Master Bedroom Reveal

I think I have officially dragged this project on long enough. It's time to call a day on the revamp of the master bedroom.

I've shared a lot of the projects along the way. Showing little snippets of the room here and there, but it's totally different when it all comes together. Don't you think?

It all stared with my quest to add additional storage, which lead to the sourcing and painting of the two matching dressers turn nightstands.

Then, of course, I had to rearrange the furniture to make room for the two dressers. And switch closets with Mr. DD.

Finding a spot for the loveseat was an ongoing challenge in the layout of this room, but we finally came up with a location that works well. I miss having all that space to throw my clothes at the end of the day, but fortunately our little musical chair routine gave me a new spot to showcase my laziness. 

Anyway, the newly painted white dressers made me want to lighten the whole room, so I set about finding new bedding. Pottery Barn clearance shams, TJ Maxx duvet, and a homemade pillow rounded out the new look. 

And you can't forget my PB knock off lamps. Still loving those and the updated feel they bring to the room. 

The now infamous restoration of the Danish chairs will hold a special place in my heart. To date, the most commented on (not all nice, by the way) post on my blog. 

The vanity was another fun project. Glue gunning the vanity skirt - high class, all the way. Organizing my jewels and creating the hanging necklace board. And of course, creating my relaxed, faux roman blinds

The list seems to be going on and on - no wonder this project took so long! Funny how you can forget exactly all the work that went into something. Thankfully, I've got this blog to remind me. ha!

I have to say, as much as I enjoyed re-working our bedroom, I am super excited to have it done and finally be able to move on. 

Hope you enjoyed this transformation as much as I did. 
For before pictures, click here.

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