Hmph. Front Porch, take 3

My front entry seems to be on constant rotation these days - sporting a couple of looks this last month alone. 

Throw in some dead mums (all in the name of halloween, of course!) and it's time for another reincarnation for the remainder of the fall season. 

With 3 weeks until Thanksgiving there is still plenty of time to get your fall on! So off to the grocery I went in search of gourds, pumpkins and squash - oh my! - plus a quick stop at Home Depot to collect an assortment of ornamental cabbages and it was time to welcome Fall back to the front porch. 

Here's my secret: I stuffed an empty, upside down plastic pot into the existing dirt in the planter to get the leverage I needed. Then I stacked in my squash, gourds and pumpkins. Any big spaces, I filled with ornamental cabbage and finally, any small spaces were stuffed with yard clippings. I went for camellia branches because I think the glossy leaves offset the rustic texture of the cabbage and go along way to soften the whole look. 

So happy with how they turned out, it almost makes me want to host the big Thanksgiving feast. Almost. But not quite.
 Now, I just need to keep these suckers alive for the next 3+ weeks. Hopefully the cabbages will be a little more forgiving than the previous mums - I swear, in Chicago, I never watered our mums. Hmph.

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A Fall Welcome {front porch}

First, I'd like to send out a heartfelt thanks to everyone for the super nice comments on our master bedroom reveal. Like I've said to most of you, that revamp really tested my patience, but we are thrilled with the results and even more thrilled to be moving onto different projects around the house!

So, as the plans for our dining room start taking shaping, I thought I'd share a quick update to our fall front porch. After all, following the keys debacle, I kind of left you {and me} hanging with an unfinished porch. 

Well, upon my mother's strong suggestion, I replaced the rattan plant stand with our existing white wicker stand. Of course, it didn't help that every time the wind blew the fern fell off the other stand. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Onward and upward...

I found these great purple grasses at a local grocery for a steal. They helped set the tone for the whole porch. Of course, you know how I love using purple for Fall anyway. But this year, because the cooler temperatures seem to be coming earlier and I'm not quite ready to give up the idea of warmer days, I decided to incorporate a bit of yellow. 

Yellow mums and purple sweet potato vine fill out the planter. I'm really loving the bright yellow paired with the darker purple - it's a fun combination that's working for this transitional season. 

Happy Fall ya'll!

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It's a Little Embarrassing

When you're known amongst your friends, family and neighbors to be their token 'design' blogger, it's often assumed that your house is in pristine condition at all times. Really, this couldn't be further from the truth.

If only you could have seen my front porch just a few short days ago. It was sad, I tell you, sad. A single pot filled with brown, shriveled up evergreens. Long past their prime. 

A door mat finally dry after a long winter, now rolling up at the edges. Cobwebs, dead leaves and a smattering of fallen petals stuck to the floor.
It was all a little embarrassing, really.

A quick trip to Home Depot later, I came home with three hardy purple perennials, a 6 pack of pansies, and some English ivy. As well as handful of determination to not have the worst pots on the block. Hey, I have a reputation to uphold here.

And because it's me and I don't want to disappoint, I decided to throw in a little DIY craft of the simplest sort. Curly willow tied with jute string adds a bit of height and interest until the plants fill in. 

Phew. Not so embarrassing anymore. Now I can concentrate on other slightly more embarrassing issues like the fact my preschool insisted on wearing 2 barrettes, a bow and a headband to school today. Ah, the stubbornness of an almost 4 year old. Good times.

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A Christmas Welcome

Nothing says Christmas like a well decorated front porch (or stoop or door or whatever you may have).

That's why I've done it up this year.

From garland to wreaths to pots to planters - I've got a little bit of everything. 

Throw in a reindeer and a vintage sled and I really have covered it all!

My planter is a combination of greens, both cedar and fraiser fur, eucalyptus, red dogwood twigs and pinecones. 

Keeping with my rustic elegance theme, I kept the bows and bling to a minimum this year - opting to leave the bows off the garland and decking the wreath with only a bit of ribbon and raffia.

The wicker planter costs were kept to a minimum by working with what I had on hand, namely: vinca vine, coral bells, decorative kale, eucalyptus, red boxwood twigs and faux greenery.

In fact, the only thing I purchased for this planter were two bundles of greenery trimmings, which were actually split between four planters. 

Moving on to the back door...

In the winter, our screened-in porch doubles as a makeshift mudroom. So this year, I decided to give it a little Christmas cheer as well. 

Remember those four planters I mentioned earlier - here's number 3. Just a combination of greens dressed with a simple bow. Perfectly paired with another vintage sled and a trio of lanterns.

The utilitarian side of the porch is accented with a vintage water bottle stuffed full of greenery.

This is the door that I frequent the most and now I smile every time I use it!
Happy Holidays!

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Welcome Home: Fall Front Porch

It's that time of year again - time to Fall-ify the front porch! 

I've already got my theme started with my ReStyled Harvest Fall Wreath, showcasing Autumn's rich purples and plums.

I've chosen to go with a single pot on the front steps. Surrounded, of course, by our family of three (soon to be four!) classic orange pumpkins.

The pot is planted with a Whiskey Barrel Millet, two decorative Kales, a purple Mum and three Vinca vines (borrowed from my summer pots).

Here's my rule of thumb for potting planters, you want something: tall (millet), something trailing (vinca vine), something colorful and blooming (mum), and some filler (kale). 

The light green and white of the vinca vine keep the whole planter from feeling too dark and heavy. 

Now, moving on up the stairs, welcome to the front porch.

You'll notice that I've kept my Mother's Day pineapple and lantern and thrown in yet another large purple mum in an orchard basket.  

It all coordinates so nicely with my fall wreath!

But my favorite part of the whole front porch has to be the white wicker planter. I've mimicked the front step planter by using similar plants. I chose another whiskey barrel millet, flanked by purple mums, english ivy (again borrowed from my summer planters) and purple hued coral bells.

I'm always using the back door, but I love this planter so much that I've been known to stop the car while driving down the driveway just to enjoy the view!

Ah, Fall is my favorite time of year!

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