It seems all I've been posting about lately is outside. If that's not your thing, this post won't float your boat either. Because it's all about the screened-in porch. 

This memorial day weekend, we officially opened the porch. It's absolutely perfect on a cool morning this time of year.  With the fan on, a late afternoon is even manageable. And, of course, in the evening the porch really comes into its own. 

It's a small porch, probably about 10 x 10 and I've {quite possibly} tried every single combination of furniture placement. 

We're talking, taking everything out of the room and starting from scratch. Then bringing each piece back in, one at a time, hoping for just the right, magical solution.

There were moments when I was cornered in by furniture. The only way out was to hop, skip and jump over things in this small space. At one point, I had to send out an S.O.S mid move when I found myself wedged between the loveseat and the door. It was all pretty comical, really. 

And in the end, guess what we ended up with? The same arrangement as last year. Can you believe it? All that work, for nothing.  

I suppose we can be confident now that we have covered all our bases. And that's certainly a relief. 

I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. And didn't find yourself stuck while re-arranging any furniture. I'll be back with more about our weekend later in the week.

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