It's fall y'all, part 3 {outside}

Spending Sunday outside winterizing the garden, reminded me to sort out the front porch as well. 8 days into October, time to get the mums out. 

Of course, receiving a new set of beautiful clay pots, curtesy of my parents' recent downsizing (a trend you'll be seeing often on the blog in the upcoming months), helped spur me on, too. 
The little terra-cotta pots are mine, stashed in the garage,  perfect for covering up your basic plastic container. 

I can't bring myself to throw out our super sized ferns when they still look so lovely. Besides, who doesn't love a layered vignette? Plus the green ferns provide a nice transition to the season. If I do say so myself.
Have you seen these new multi-mums? Perfect for the indecisive decorator in all of us. 

Happy Fall, y'all. Tomorrow I'm planning to share some updates in the front hall. And you guessed it, more furniture from my parents will be featured. Have a good one!

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It's Fall Y'all

The date on the calendar and the leaves on the ground are telling me it's Fall, but these mild temperatures are keeping me guessing. I haven't even officially put my shorts away yet. Meanwhile in my former home of Chicago, it's snowing! Nonetheless, it's time I embrace my new State and get to decorating for Fall.
If only for the kids sake, of course.

In the front hall, our white ceramic pumpkins are a nice tell to the season. So important to set the tone of your home with a great first impression...I know, I know, I've said it all before. But, it's that important. Worth repeating. Do it. 

Side note: I haven't shared this space as of yet because the plan is to add wallcovering here, at some point. In the meantime, we've got partially primed walls. Don't be jealous.

The breakfast table sports a gourd and acorn filled bowl complete with eyeball, our one nod to the upcoming Halloween holiday. You know it's a conversation starter and the first thing all 3 sets of guests commented on when we sat down to a meal. 
Get a little quirky. It's good thing.

Outside we added a couple decorative pumpkins and gourds to the front stoop. This year, I am diggin' all the different varieties available, for a change of pace. Fall and/or Halloween doesn't have to be all orange and black all the time. Mix it up. You'll be glad you did.

Happy Fall y'all!

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Roll Over

Have you ever noticed how one project often rolls into another? Take for instance, our dining room. What was supposed to be a simple removal of an enclosed arch has morphed into another much larger scale project; involving headers, supports, replacement floors and a lot more work than either of us bargained for. 

But, that's a topic for another day, because I'm too annoyed to deal with it now. 

But, it does lead me to the point of this post, which is that a similar thing happened with this little corner of our kitchen that's now sporting a new pair of cafe curtains. Once I started working over here, I realized I hadn't updated the shelving since the kitchen was completed a little over a year ago. 

Time to add in a little Fall, wouldn't you say? 

Some of the fundamental foundation pieces are still in tact, like the flour/sugar canisters and the Provencal tray we received as a wedding gift many moons ago. 

And, of course, I couldn't part with my collection of blue and white Cornishware. Certainly this little bundle of decorative wheat helps to temper all that blue and white and add to the Fall feel.

I also added another antique Cornishware bowl that's just been sitting in the basement {why, i'm not sure.}. Filled with faux apples and pinecones, it picks up on the bit of red featured in the window treatments. And, definitely feels like Fall - when all things apple come into play.

Rounding out the new additions to the shelving are a sun-loving, fall hued angel plant and a larger than life, faux acorn. 

I'm liking how the darker fall accents are playing off the copper kettles and helping to balance out all the white. 

These little pops of color in our white & cream kitchen are certainly helping it feel more seasonal. Now, hopefully, I'll remember to change it out again before a years time! 

How about you - any current projects rolling into new ones?

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I'd planned a big reveal of our fall themed front porch today, but something got in the way. Life. It certainly doesn't always go according to plan. No, nothing monumental happened. I just locked myself out of the house.

Today was Miss T's first full day of Junior Kindergarten and in the hubbub of getting out the door with the two kids, rain coats, umbrellas, wellies, handbag, etc, I just closed the door while my keys hung helplessly inside. It happens. 

I borrowed the neighbors car, dropped her off at school, called a locksmith - an hour and a half later, Baby E and I were back inside. An expensive mistake that I will definitely learn from. Thank goodness for the kindness of good neighbors. 

I was so looking forward to my 2.5 hours of free time, which I had hoped to spend in search of a couple of finishing touches for my fall porch reveal, but alas they'll have to wait until later. 

So, today I'm sharing our porch with just a hint of fall - yellow mums nestled snuggly in a wooden apple crate. Life goes on even without the perfect porch :) Meanwhile, I'll be passing out spare keys. 

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Welcome Home: Fall Front Porch

It's that time of year again - time to Fall-ify the front porch! 

I've already got my theme started with my ReStyled Harvest Fall Wreath, showcasing Autumn's rich purples and plums.

I've chosen to go with a single pot on the front steps. Surrounded, of course, by our family of three (soon to be four!) classic orange pumpkins.

The pot is planted with a Whiskey Barrel Millet, two decorative Kales, a purple Mum and three Vinca vines (borrowed from my summer pots).

Here's my rule of thumb for potting planters, you want something: tall (millet), something trailing (vinca vine), something colorful and blooming (mum), and some filler (kale). 

The light green and white of the vinca vine keep the whole planter from feeling too dark and heavy. 

Now, moving on up the stairs, welcome to the front porch.

You'll notice that I've kept my Mother's Day pineapple and lantern and thrown in yet another large purple mum in an orchard basket.  

It all coordinates so nicely with my fall wreath!

But my favorite part of the whole front porch has to be the white wicker planter. I've mimicked the front step planter by using similar plants. I chose another whiskey barrel millet, flanked by purple mums, english ivy (again borrowed from my summer planters) and purple hued coral bells.

I'm always using the back door, but I love this planter so much that I've been known to stop the car while driving down the driveway just to enjoy the view!

Ah, Fall is my favorite time of year!

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