Fall Bedroom - the layered effect

When it comes to Fall bedding, I want a warm and cozy feel - I always think of layers and layers of blankets, covers and duvets! Spending all day snug under the covers...

Than reality sets in and I realize this is completely unrealistic and it's been years since I spent a whole day in bed!

But a girl can always dream, right?

Like most, we received our bedding as a gift when we got married - a short 8 years ago (almost, well next week it will be 8 years!) and I do still love it, but it has been 8 years!

So this year I decided to pack away the big bulky comforter and shams for the Summer season. The hope was that although it may not be new and different, a couple months away from it, might make it almost feel like new.

Master Bedroom this Summer

Master Bedroom this Fall

Ah, so cozy and lovely. I'm proud to say that I'm happy to have my bedding back! Amazing what a dash of warmer colour can do. Really, the only difference is the comforter and shams, but to me, it is a huge change. And it looks all warm and cozy - ah, the essence of Fall.

I was so inspired by this mini-makeover that I wanted to tackle my guest bedroom as well. Unfortunately, the guest bedroom is a bit of a hodge-podge at the moment as it's next in line for a makeover once the big girl room is complete (hence it's lack of debut on my blog thus far).

Guest room this Summer

This room has a much lighter and airier feel than our master bedroom, so making it feel more Fall is already a challenge. Plus, I didn't want to really invest in bedding seeing as I'm not sure of the overall direction for the room just yet.

Guest room this Fall

So I worked with what I had and made some simple changes; by adding a layer or two the room is already feeling more Fall. I removed the quilted shams and replaced them with a darker toned lumbar pillow. I also added a wool blanket to the foot of the bed, providing that much needed extra layer and texture.

This room isn't perfect, but it's working for now. Much like my master bedroom Summer bedding isn't perfect either, but fortunately I've got 6 more months to sort that out!