First, I'd like to say welcome and thanks to all my recent followers and comment makers!

As a new blogger, the only way to really know who is reading is through followers and the comments that they leave. Please believe me when I say, I read and try to respond to each and every comment as they all mean so much to me!

So keep them coming!

And secondly, I'd like to thank my husband for 8 lovely years of marriage - Happy Anniversary!

Speaking of, check out what he made me the other weekend.

Wood Shed

Once fully stocked, this wood shed will be providing us with the means to some lovely fires! Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year? On average, we probably have at least 3 fires per week - is that a lot? I really don't know.

OK, procrastination over, tomorrow I'll get back to some real posts! Check back for a tutorial tomorrow.

Thanks again!