Fall Nesting Inside - the overflow

Yesterday, I shared some examples of step 3 of my 4 easy steps to bring Fall home. Well, I was so excited to share that I got a bit carried away and had to spread the wealth over two posts.

So today, I'll be sharing a couple additional images of Fall accessories throughout my home.

My breakfast room table isn't terribly large, so my centerpiece needs to be fairly mobile. Decorating on a tray or in a hurricane seemed to be the best solution. This is what I came up with...

Breakfast room centerpiece

Inspiration came from the Pottery Barn Fall catalogue that showed hurricanes filled with nearly everything possible!

The nest came home with me from Asheville after we visited awhile back. I loved it and wanted to find a home for it this season, so I added some acorns and buckeyes and gave it a new home in the hurricane. How cozy! Plus, it continues the theme throughout the house.

The simplicity of this display is what really won me over.

Moving on and up - upstairs that is.

I wanted to have some sort of seasonal display upstairs, but without a lot of fan fare. I decided to focus my attentions on the landing/hall table. Here's what I came up with...
Acorn display on hall table

A close up
A small grouping of acorns

I love the various textures and shades of brown. It's subtle but really pops against the subdued yellow of the hall table and walls. Just a hint of Fall every time I pass!

Well, that about covers all my little touches of Fall throughout the house. Not a lot, but just enough for me.

Tomorrow, I'll be tackling Step 4 - updating seasonal bedding. This is the first time I have switched out my bedding for the seasons and I'm actually feeling a little excited about it! If you can believe that?!