Making Room for a Small Workspace

In case you were wondering, the small workspaces Monday inspiration post wasn't just about the pretty pictures. It was the beginning of our next home project, creating a workspace for my small, but growing (!) design business. Currently, I am running the business from the small desk in our kitchen, which isn't exactly ideal. Tiny hands with quick moving fingers like to mess with my piles and cause me minor heart palpitations when things go missing. 

Unlike our Chicago home, we don't have a designated office space. We do have an office alcove in the family/playroom, but talk about a free-for-all! No, I need a space more removed where I can shut the door, spread out and most importantly store things where they won't be disturbed on a daily/hourly/minutely basis. 
Space being at a premium here, we decided the best area to incorporate a small workspace would be the guest room. Yes, it is the smallest room in our home and yes, it is already packed to the gills, but it's also the least used room in our home and really the only available space. So for those 4 times a year when we have someone spend the night, we'll just have to be roomies. 

Unfortunately, carving out a space doesn't just make it happen around here. We have some other obstacles to sort out before I can focus on creating a functional, inspiring and beautiful workspace.
The plan is to relocate the dresser from the corner of the guest room to the small, sliver of a wall between the closet and the window. Then, of course, because it can never be easy, we will need to replace the existing closet french doors with a bi-fold door, allowing the closet to be both accessible and functional once the dresser has been moved. Two import features with any closet. I'm sure you agree.

This has all the markings to be one of the quickest projects we've undertaken at this house. I'm hoping the momentum stays with us and the next time you see this corner it will be looking much different! More to come. 

until next time,