Loving This Week

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Is there anything worse than the re-entry into life post holiday? Ok, probably a lot of things. But, it definitely ranks up there. And a week of solid rain didn't make it any easier. Bring on the weekend and the sun. STAT. 
The only way to power through this week was to focus on the little things ... 

1.  A mini tour of the garden, between rain storms, to see all the new buds and growth while we were away. The azaleas, that we worried didn't make it through the winter, in full bloom helped a little, too.

2. Getting sucked into a great website. I've become obsessed with 100daysofrealfood.com , their story and everything in between. Combating the amount of processed foods, especially sugars, in our family's diet is an ongoing struggle. I'm so happy to have found this resource and that my kids are loving the homemade granola (no more sugary cereals) and homemade larabars (snack time and dessert favorite).

3. Receiving play-by-play updates of a client's home, mid paint makeover, and the accompanying googly eyes (aka they love it!). Plus a successful day at the antique mall resulting in two great finds/key pieces for another client's great room. 

4. Getting completely sucked into a totally unnecessary project, like a mother's day wish list from one of my new favorite sites…
Terrain - a branch off the Anthropolgie tree, with absolutely beautiful outdoor and kitchen items. The list is massive, embarrassingly big. 
If you're lucky enough to live near one of their two locations, I am jealous, if not, check out this blog post from Shannon of Burlap and Lace to see what it's all about.

5. And when all else fails, day dreaming about fun times can get me through any rut.

See you on the flip side (of the weekend). 

until next time,