Monday Inspiration: Small Workspaces

We're back from a week of fun in the sun with the girls, refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. Full steam ahead, that's what I always say. Not really. But it sounds so good…
Really, is there anything worse than the first day back after break? Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I had a space as cute as these small home offices. 

This workspace had me at coral chair and brass accents. Did you see the legs on the desk? So good. 

Another white desk, peach hued walls and metallic accents.

Ok, this is getting a little crazy - am I sensing a theme here? Funny what happens when you examine your Pinterest boards, the consistencies between images spell out your preferences before you even realize them.

Turns out my ideal home workspace would contain a simple white desk, a low profile chair, plenty of storage, metallic accents and maybe a hint of bright color. Thank you Pinterest for bringing this to my attention. 

Happy Monday.

until next time,