Den Before and After

Over the weekend I took some current pictures of our den for a before and after piece that will appear in a local marketing mailer and I thought I would share them here, too.

When we first saw this house we immediately loved the wood burning fireplace, but knew the surround needed a little help. 

Den- Before

Never underestimate the power of paint and well thought out space planning. 

We decided to buck the trend and apply a dark, rich color to the walls in an already small and dark space. I love the cozy effect it created. I say why try to be something you aren't…if it's already a cozy space, embrace it and play it up. 

You may also have noted that we finally got rid of that outdated fan. We gave it a whole summer and never once used the fan - time to go! This fixture came from our dining room. You know what that means, someone got an update … more details on that later.

The den has been one of the biggest "works in progress" in the house - chairs that needed recovering, new lighting, rug issues, new furnishingslayout changes. You name it, this room seems to have seen it all. It's been a process, but I love to watch the evolution of design unfold and this room has been a great example of that.


Here's another shot of the den "before". We had a similar set up when we first moved in - I think we assumed this was the best layout because the previous owner had it that way. After about a year, we decided to change the location of the sofa and the room has felt so much better since. You never know until you try...

Despite all the changes, it's a cozy room that we've loved hanging out in through it all - and I'm thrilled to say that it's finally reached it's end goal. Notice I didn't say anything about it being done.

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