A Delicate Lady

If you hadn't already guessed that my next post would feature the new chandelier in the dining room, spoiler alert: here it is.

The sun finally came out after what felt like weeks of clouds and I snapped a couple of pics of our new delicate beauty in the dining room. Quite the change from our last fixture…so much so, it's taken awhile to get used to her (undeniably feminine, don't you think?). The smaller profile really shows off the oversized mirror, which I love. Did you know that mirror used to hang in my Dad's medical office years ago? I love pieces with history and a story to tell.

For a serious brass lover, it's a little surprising that I steered clear of that finish, but with the mirror and the lamps already covering that base, adding another layer of the same finish would have been redundant. The lighter, painted chandelier highlights the birds on the corner cabinet and will work beautifully with our new head chairs (once I get them recovered). 

Speaking of recovering the head chairs, the fabric arrived the other week. Here it is draped over the chairs, helping to get a sense of how it will all come together. Loving how the citron picks up the colors of the melon jars on the table, but I'm thinking a throw pillow may be in order to break it up a bit. That's a whole lotta' citron! Trust me when I say it does look a little better in person.

Recently, in the comments section, I was asked for my upholster's details; I use Lake Norman Upholstery. I'm always happy to share sources, so please do ask! Make sure to leave your contact details if you'd like me to get back with you (so many comments come through as non-reply email addresses - then I have no way of finding you!)

until next time,