Happy Thanksgiving {Centerpiece}

Thanksgiving preparations are in full swing at our house. 
First things first, get to cooking…OR get to decorating the dining room. Yeah, I went with option 2. 

I intended to put together the centerpiece, you know, just to mark it off my list of To-Do's, but then I got a little carried away. The next thing I knew, the whole table was set. 
Then the camera came out. Of course. 

Two things I love for a big sit down celebration: place cards and beautiful centerpieces. Some may think place cards are stuffy and old-fashioned, but I disagree. No more awkward "where should I sit?" chatter or spur of the moment decision making by the hosts. Plus, anything can be made into a cute/fun place card holder, like these sparkly pear ornaments I transformed a couple years ago (here). 

I follow the belief that a centerpiece should be tall and thin or low and full. Nothing worse than sitting across from someone and not being able to see them, let alone talk to them. 
This year, I'm all about low and full. 
I hid a glass 9x13 casserole dish, filled with water, inside a woven basket tray and filled it with eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, berries and other fall foliage. Real fruit, pomegranates and pears, coupled with pine cones and oversized acorns fill out the arrangement.

In other news, our upholster came through in the pinch and delivered our newly reupholstered dining room chairs and bench this week. Loving this fabric, even more now that it's a permanent part of our dining room scape.

We have loads to be grateful for this year: new opportunities that have led to our new home, in our new city, all our new friends and our happy and healthy family. 
It's been a great year. 

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

until next time,