Dining Centerpiece Ideas

Finding the perfect centerpiece for the dining table can be tricky. Especially if it's a space seen often, but rarely used. It must look good at a moments notice, while requiring no maintenance on a daily basis, but also having the ability to be "dressed up" for a special occasion. 

Two of my go-to favorites are: Ginger Jars and Soup Tureens. 
Both look great alone (as shown above) 

 or beautiful stuffed full of plants or fresh cut flowers. 

Here's a great example of a simple tureen housing a humble fern, but the combination together makes a huge statement. Of course the tablecloth helps a little :)

A sweet and feminine, highly patterned tureen chock full of peonies and hydrangea - beautiful.

Hello, new soup tureen. I have big plans for you. Sadly, those plans do not involve my home, but I know you will make a certain someone very happy. 

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Happy Thanksgiving {Centerpiece}

Thanksgiving preparations are in full swing at our house. 
First things first, get to cooking…OR get to decorating the dining room. Yeah, I went with option 2. 

I intended to put together the centerpiece, you know, just to mark it off my list of To-Do's, but then I got a little carried away. The next thing I knew, the whole table was set. 
Then the camera came out. Of course. 

Two things I love for a big sit down celebration: place cards and beautiful centerpieces. Some may think place cards are stuffy and old-fashioned, but I disagree. No more awkward "where should I sit?" chatter or spur of the moment decision making by the hosts. Plus, anything can be made into a cute/fun place card holder, like these sparkly pear ornaments I transformed a couple years ago (here). 

I follow the belief that a centerpiece should be tall and thin or low and full. Nothing worse than sitting across from someone and not being able to see them, let alone talk to them. 
This year, I'm all about low and full. 
I hid a glass 9x13 casserole dish, filled with water, inside a woven basket tray and filled it with eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, berries and other fall foliage. Real fruit, pomegranates and pears, coupled with pine cones and oversized acorns fill out the arrangement.

In other news, our upholster came through in the pinch and delivered our newly reupholstered dining room chairs and bench this week. Loving this fabric, even more now that it's a permanent part of our dining room scape.

We have loads to be grateful for this year: new opportunities that have led to our new home, in our new city, all our new friends and our happy and healthy family. 
It's been a great year. 

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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The Centerpiece that Just Won't Quit

Remember this centerpiece I created late last year before our dining room remodel?  You may not believe it, but it's actually still going strong. With a couple of alterations, of course.

During the dining room renovation, I moved the planter to living room coffee table. Once the orchid finished blooming, I removed it and filled in the space with pinecones and such for the holiday season. Some simple changes helped stretch the arrangement for another couple of months.

This past weekend, I purchased three yellow primrose to make a simple Spring centerpiece for our family birthday celebrations. The harvest table is narrow, so small low profile plants or flowers are a great accent when we set a full table. But, now that it's just the four of us again, I have plenty of room for a big arrangement.

Once again, the big arrangement is back in its rightful home on the harvest table. I moved a couple of plants around, removed the pinecones and added in the three primrose.

I love the bright pop of color from the yellow blooms.

So Springy - it just makes me smile!

So, what about you? Made any little Spring changes around your house?

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Book Inspired Library Centerpiece

Part of working on our new library/playroom has been adding to our book selection. I know, I know...
trials and tribulations; 
life is rough; 
any excuse, right?
Anyway, any self respecting interior design blogger needs to have books that represent her passions, so I've been sprucing up my design book collection. One of my first purchases was Miss Mustard Seed's (Marion Parsons), Inspired You book. 

Her book, much like her blog, is full of positive energy, beautiful photography and easy to follow tutorials. 
The reason I am writing all of this? 
Because one chapter and photograph in particular really hit home with me and inspired our new library table centerpiece. 

It seems like such a simple idea. 
But, could I really just leave crayons, paper and coloring books out on the table? Could I handle it? 
And most importantly, would it actually encourage our little ones to do more coloring? Or would it be just another pile of well organized toys that get overlooked everytime the dreaded, "I'm bored" statement leaves their mouths?

Well, as it turns out...I can handle it. 
And, I actually find it kind of sweet. And, hold on to your horses, it's actually lead to hours upon hours of coloring. 

I've used a simple tray and two wooden bowls to organize our crayons, into what T calls the pretty and not pretty colors. A stack of computer paper, a book of construction paper and a couple coloring books round out the "vignette". 

I'm so thrilled that our plan to change this room from the breakfast room into the library/1st floor playroom is working out for all of us. 
Also, I just had to leave you with a view of our homespun Valentine's decor ... afterall, who doesn't like a couple gigantic hearts hanging from a chandelier?

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More Thanksgiving Inspiration

I had such fun creating my own Thanksgiving centerpiece over the weekend that when my brother {who is hosting his wife's family for the holiday} asked for a couple of suggestions for his centerpiece I was happy to set up a pinterest board for him. 

What I had intended to be just a couple of fruit/flower images, quickly turned into several hours surfing the internet for inspiration. Like this beautiful free form, sprawling low arrangement.

There's just so much out there. I couldn't help, but turn this simple favor into a blog post. I mean, just look at this hollowed out pumpkin stuffed full of roses, greenery, and pinecones. 

So, if you're still looking for a bit of inspiration for your Thanksgiving table, look no further. 
Try placing simple branches and some of falls bounty on the table for a stunning centerpiece.

Here's another take on the pumpkin planter. Try a grouping of several gourds stuffed with mums. It'd be hard to get much more seasonal than that.


Seriously, if you can't find inspiration here, I don't know what to tell you. Now, get out there and make that table pretty!

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