How to Love an "Unfinished" Room

The holidays are officially upon us with our Thanksgiving celebration happening later this week. For some of us, that means welcoming friends and family into our homes, which can sometimes be a hard thing. Especially when you are feeling like your home isn't "finished". 

Today, I thought I'd share some of my little secrets to loving an "unfinished" room. Like our den. 

My number one tip: create little moments of happiness. 

Live this little reading nook. A stripy wingback, cozy throw, basket of good reading, brass lamp and perfectly placed garden stool (aka drink perch). 
It's a moment of calm in a sea of unfinished madness.

Sure the closely cropped photo looks lovely and cozy, which is what I want. It helps to steer my attentions away from the too small rug and the filler furniture among other things, I am sure I am the only one that notices. 

Tip Two: Create a focal point.

We're lucky to have a fireplace in this room with a sizable mantel perfect to create our focal point. Because the holidays are coming and we are hosting, I pulled out the big stops and included a vase of cuttings from the yard. 
Nothing says fall like nature's beauty. A simple and stunning command of attention keeps me focused on the more "finished" moments in the room. 

Tip 3: Add a bit of the unexpected.

Bright pillows and funky accessories are a great distraction from any eye sore in the room.

 That's what I am banking on with our pillows and disco balls, which cast the lightest smattering of polka dots on the wall when the light hits them just right. 
Who needs wall hangings when light can be cast strategically around the room? Am I right?

Of course, the holidays are about being with family and friends, reflecting on all that we are thankful for, not about what our homes look like. But, sometimes a few little tricks can go a long way to making you feel better about opening up your home!

until next time,