It's not all glamorous around here

The other day I was skyping with my Mom. It was a day like any other: my toddler was hanging all over me and repeatedly saying,  'Momma, Momma, Momma' in that special tone that sounds strikingly similar to nails down a chalkboard. Meanwhile, baby E was teething and whining to make sure I knew about it. I picked her up to comfort her, she showed her appreciation by throwing up all down the front of me. I kept on talking. Mom started to laugh. 
She said, this is what your blog should really be about. 

{garage before}

Isn't that the truth? 
Reading these posts, you'd think that I just sit around making fancy food, rearranging my mantel, or playing in the garden all day. Well, let me assure you, it's not all glamorous around here. 

{garage before}

Take our big weekend project, for instance. The dreaded seasonal garage cleaning. Actually, I'm not sure why I said 'seasonal' as this is only the second time we have cleaned out the garage since we moved in, almost 3 years ago. 


We're a one car family, with a two car garage. How did we manage to let it get this bad? How was it possible that I couldn't find the kiddie pool? I am sure I put it in here, somewhere. Why do we need to move 4 strollers out of the way just to get to the lawnmower? Enough is enough. 

{more junk, different angle}

Everything had to come out. At this point, a neighbor out walking his dog stopped by to see what was going on. He was in disbelief that we actually had all this stuff in the garage plus a car. 

Not sure this is something we should be proud of. 

{that's some serious dirt/dust/funk in the air}

We blew out the garage, we shop vac-ed the garage, we aired out the garage. {And by we, I am sure you know it was Mr. DD - that's not my gig.} It was nasty in there. 

We categorized the stuff, moved some things inside, put some stuff on the curb and threw out a lot. It was almost beginning to seem manageable again. 

Then, of course, came the time to put it all back in. Actually, this is the part that I like best. Have I mentioned that I'm a bit of an organizational freak?

Well, if I haven't. I am now. I like everything to have it's place, and for that place to make sense, at least to me. I've been known to stand in a room in silence, willing it to speak to me and tell me how to better use/organize the space. It doesn't always work. But sometimes, sometimes it does. And those are always good times.

Seriously, this back wall makes me a little giddy. Look at all those shelves - so beautifully organized. {Small happy dance.} Everything in it's place. Sigh.

We even left enough space for a little work bench. Happy days.

Instant gratification. That's what this project was. So happy to have it done. Now, onto something a bit more glamorous. 

until next time,