Laundry Room Refresh Reveal

When we first moved into our Charlotte house close to a year and a half ago there was one room that just didn't make sense, functionally. The laundry room. It's a strange shape, kind of L-esque,  with loads of underutilized space and a weird layout that doesn't allow for much flexibility. The previous owner had a side-by-side washer and dryer, but we choose a stacked version to allow for a small secondary refrigerator to be added to the space. 

There were always piles of laundry on the floor and stacked on the table, due to only having one laundry basket that we would haul upstairs a couple of times a week, as well as an oversized drying rack that limited the access to the sink, cabinets and fridge. In a nutshell, it worked but not well. 
Usually I would just shut the door and repeat my old mantra: "Someday we'll sort this space out. It's just a laundry room after all."

But, recently, something changed. I decided I didn't want to spend so much time in a space that really made my skin crawl, from both a functionality and aesthetic perspective. What's the point of suffering if you don't have to?  I was confident that I could improve the laundry room with a little research and not much money.
Here's how it came together...

Solving the functionality issues first, I added a sorting laundry hamper to keep the clothes off the floor while they wait to be cleaned and a wall mounted drying rack to eliminate the need for the oversized rack that took up way too much space in this tiny, ill shaped room. So simple I found myself wondering, as usual, why I hadn't thought of these solutions before. 
I could have easily stopped there, but what's the harm in making it pretty, too :)

You know where this is going already, don't you? A quick trip to my fave discount stores and I came home with an inexpensive print and rug to freshen up this ho-hum space. 

While I was prettifying the space, I reorganized the cabinets as well by adding some symmetry to shelves, a couple of baskets to hide the uglies and generally spifying up the place. By the way, we keep our wine in here too - is that weird? Haven't quite figured out the whole wine cellar thing just yet!

Pretty good for a day's work. 

Source List
Sorting Hamper - Container Store
Wall Mounted Drying Rack - Container Store
Baskets - Target, years ago, similar
Print - Marshalls

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10 Min Re-org Project: The Mud Room

This past weekend we took the family skiing.  It was a super fun, albeit very trying at times, day that the whole family loved. But, what I didn't love was trying to find all our cold weather supplies. 

In an ideal world, I'd walk into my fully organized and very functional mudroom (like the one above), locate the designated closed storage area for said winter clothes and it would all be easy peasy. 

That's totally NOT what happened in our world. Instead, I walked into the mudroom we "created" last year with our existing wire shelving units and was appalled at the state of affairs within these walls. It seems as though someone not only forgot to stay organized, but also forgot to rotate for the seasons! The injustice of it all...

Here's where it starts to get good, instead of turning a blind eye to the chaos I ran out to HomeGoods and picked up a bunch of inexpensive baskets and got down and dirty in the mudroom - aka: cleaned and organized the pants out of that space.

Now each kid has a basket for their winter wear, the summer stuff has been relocated to the further shelving unit and corralled into their own baskets, and I have my sanity back. 

It's pretty simple really, but this article from Country Living certainly sums it up well. My favorite tip is #5: expect some clutter. Realizing that this is a mudroom behind a closed door goes a long way to helping keep my expectations in check. 

All I can do is provide a spot to put everything, hope for the best and check back weekly for a general cleanup. It's amazing what some baskets from HomeGoods can do for a girl's perspective. 

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It's Just a Couple of Shelves

Happy Monday, all! These weekends are flying by, aren't they? Especially when we carve out a small window to complete a long over due project like reorganizing our master bedroom closet. 

closet - before

Check out my closet in it's lovely before state. It's big, right? It feels big to me; actually the biggest closet I have had in probably 15 years - no lie. But, despite all the space, it was missing something - good organization.

closet - before

Shoes on the floor, sweaters overflowing, and loads of underutilized empty space. Truth be told, I didn't even think it was that bad, but when the mister asked if I might like some additional shelving to "get my stuff off the floor" it only took me a quick 2 seconds to say, yes indeedy.

closet - after

Check out my newly organized closet! Things to note, right off the bat, no more shoes on the floor and more organized shelving - thank you very much! What were before two wide shelves of shoes are now four skinny shelves, simply created by splitting the space with an additional shelf (or two). 

closet - after

By far the biggest change are the two new additional shelves in the old completely unused space above the hanging bar to the left of the closet. These two new shelves have allowed me to store less often used items like evening bags, scarves and luggage that used to take up prime space in the center shelving unit. My sweaters are much happier because of these new shelves. 

One last small change that can't go unnoticed are the new bracelet display bars. I remember seeing these at a friend's house many moons ago and thinking it was a great idea. Not sure why I waited so long to add them to my organizational system - because they are so functional and fabulous.

So, after only a couple of hours and less than a $100 I now have all my stuff off the floor! Seriously, you guys, I didn't do any of the work on this project, like none, but it looked so easy I am confident you could pull it off.  

Before hitting the publish button on this post, I asked John to proofread it for me - his reaction "It's just a couple of shelves". Hence the title of this post. So yeah, it's just a couple of shelves but I thought it was important enough to share because you really can update your home to work for you without a lot of effort. So, don't go running off to get a super expensive custom closet, when you can work with what you have. 

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10 Minute Re-org Project: Linen Closet

What is it with the new year and our mad obsession with clutter removal and organization? I really don't get it, but I do know that I fall prey to this sensation year after year. 

Especially when I see images as beautiful as these in the pages of Southern Living. This particular article shared storage solutions for small spaces. Like turning an unused cabinet into a linen closet. First, I'd love that cabinet. Come to mama…
Secondly, here are some tips I took away from the article:

1. dedicate one shelf per room.
2. color code per room/bed size. 
3. for a clean look, wrap your fitted sheets inside your flat sheet. 

sorry, this is the best I could do - it's a linen closet ya' know.

With the polar vortex keeping us all inside, I stole a quick 10 minutes to re-organize our linen closet - keeping the kid's sheets and towels on one shelf and the guest room and master bedroom to another. And of course, wrapping the fitted sheet into the flat sheet - such a genius idea! 

Who doesn't love a good 10 minute project? 
I wonder what else I can get organized while these cold temps hover…

until next time,

Mom Cave Revisited

Remember when Mom Cave's where all the rage? Way back in 2010. Ours was one of my first big projects on the blog (check it out here). I even got a local TV spot feature. Pretty big stuff for this small time blogger.

Well, that was then. 
{Warning the next pictures could be the most unattractive and true to life that I have posted thus far - consider yourself officially warned.}

And, this is now. 
In truth, I never really used as much as I thought it would. I never blogged from the "desk" area. 
It became nothing more than a dumping ground for stuff. Sad, but true. 
Even as a dumping ground, it was getting out of control. Totally unorganized. Inefficient use of space. 
Bad, bad, bad. 

So, when my SIL, Linda, mentioned she was thinking of starting her own personal organization business and wanted to "test drive" her services, I was quick to offer this space for a trial run. I know, I am SO nice. And supportive. Clearly, doing this just to help her out. Not taking advantage at all :)

Check out everything that was removed from the space. Piles for garbage, recycling and donating. Linda was ruthless, in a good way. In a way that its often hard to be with your own things. 
I am eternally grateful. You are about to see why.

Newly organized shelves.

Newly cleared counters.

Newly organized cabinets - flower pots, vases, baskets, etc.

Decorative accessories and candles.

And my new favorite, the party cabinet. 

So, while this space may never be my dream Mom cave or blogging space, it's now a highly organized storage, staging, and wrapping station. 

Life. Reorganized. has transformed this space. Linda is truly a talent when it comes to organization. I know she will have a ton of success as a personal organizer and I am more than happy to provide space in my own home to let her practice. Again, so generous of me :)

If you live locally and would be interested in a free consultation from Life. Reorganized., please contact Linda via email by clicking here
Do it now before her time is booked up. Seriously, she is that good!

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