It's not all glamorous around here

The other day I was skyping with my Mom. It was a day like any other: my toddler was hanging all over me and repeatedly saying,  'Momma, Momma, Momma' in that special tone that sounds strikingly similar to nails down a chalkboard. Meanwhile, baby E was teething and whining to make sure I knew about it. I picked her up to comfort her, she showed her appreciation by throwing up all down the front of me. I kept on talking. Mom started to laugh. 
She said, this is what your blog should really be about. 

{garage before}

Isn't that the truth? 
Reading these posts, you'd think that I just sit around making fancy food, rearranging my mantel, or playing in the garden all day. Well, let me assure you, it's not all glamorous around here. 

{garage before}

Take our big weekend project, for instance. The dreaded seasonal garage cleaning. Actually, I'm not sure why I said 'seasonal' as this is only the second time we have cleaned out the garage since we moved in, almost 3 years ago. 


We're a one car family, with a two car garage. How did we manage to let it get this bad? How was it possible that I couldn't find the kiddie pool? I am sure I put it in here, somewhere. Why do we need to move 4 strollers out of the way just to get to the lawnmower? Enough is enough. 

{more junk, different angle}

Everything had to come out. At this point, a neighbor out walking his dog stopped by to see what was going on. He was in disbelief that we actually had all this stuff in the garage plus a car. 

Not sure this is something we should be proud of. 

{that's some serious dirt/dust/funk in the air}

We blew out the garage, we shop vac-ed the garage, we aired out the garage. {And by we, I am sure you know it was Mr. DD - that's not my gig.} It was nasty in there. 

We categorized the stuff, moved some things inside, put some stuff on the curb and threw out a lot. It was almost beginning to seem manageable again. 

Then, of course, came the time to put it all back in. Actually, this is the part that I like best. Have I mentioned that I'm a bit of an organizational freak?

Well, if I haven't. I am now. I like everything to have it's place, and for that place to make sense, at least to me. I've been known to stand in a room in silence, willing it to speak to me and tell me how to better use/organize the space. It doesn't always work. But sometimes, sometimes it does. And those are always good times.

Seriously, this back wall makes me a little giddy. Look at all those shelves - so beautifully organized. {Small happy dance.} Everything in it's place. Sigh.

We even left enough space for a little work bench. Happy days.

Instant gratification. That's what this project was. So happy to have it done. Now, onto something a bit more glamorous. 

until next time, 

All Hail Queen Kimberly

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you might have noticed I picked up a couple of my favorite ferns from our local grocery yesterday. Actually, saying 'favorite' might be a bit of an understatement. I simply love these ladies. 

I know, technically, that the name of this lovely lady is the Kimberly Queen fern, but Queen Kimbelry just worked so much better in the title. Artistic freedom and all that.

No matter how you slice it, it's easy to see why she would have such a royal title - she's so regal, almost majestic. 

There are so many reasons that I love these ferns:
they do well in shade,
are extremely low maintenance,
barely shed at all,
and they get huge.

Quite the statement maker, really. And for $12.99 you just can't beat it. In fact, these were less expensive than the smaller versions I found at Home Depot last year. Seriously, these might be bigger than mine were at the end of the growing season last summer. Too good to pass up.

So good they definitely deserved their own post.

Besides, who doesn't need a beautifully flanked garage door. It's clearly the royal entrance. 

Enjoy your holiday weekend. We'll be spending ours outside, visiting with my parents and celebrating my birthday. 

until next time, 

Ugliest Garage on the Block

With all the madness that is the completion of our dream kitchen and our spontaneous, last minute mini break, I realized I never shared our garage makeover!

Check it out - definitely the ugliest garage on the block.

Chipping paint, rotten wood, falling apart basketball hoop.

To make matters worse, when we decided to build the kitchen garden, we had to remove some rather large trees that were not only providing too much shade, but also hid a lot of the unsightly side of the garage; old rotten window, door and boards - yikes!

The garage was scraped and repainted; rotten boards replace; and a new paneled door and window were added. 
Ah, looking so much better.

As the weather cools, our plans for this new garden space are taking shape. We're thinking a small patio to house an existing table and chair set as well some new plantings. 

The front of the garage is looking a lot better too - now wired for a simple pair of carriage style sconces and a fresh coat of paint.

I'm realized to say that we no longer have the ugliest garage on the block!!!

Until next time,