Memorial Day weekend is always a bit of a celebration around here. Not only is it the unofficial start of Summer, but we can all be relieved to know that it's now ok to wear white pants. I kid, I kid. We all know you can wear white pants year round now. 

{homemade angle food cake with fresh whipped cream and raspberries}

What's really important about Memorial Day weekend is my birthday. I'm also kidding about the birthday - just not the same the older you get, right? 

Anywho, my parents almost always come in to help celebrate/commiserate and this year was no exception.

{incidentally, great and amazing are understatements when it comes to this show}

They were kind enough to watch the girls while Mr. DD and I took in a show downtown and had a lovely meal after. Thanks guys, you're the best!

Speaking of Mr. DD, he had his hands full cooking this weekend. Most of the recipes were from the new Bon Appetit Magazine, June 2012 issue. I've had this subscription for years, and quite honestly, have debated canceling it for awhile now. But every once in a while they put out an issue that is completely approachable, manageable and just plain good. This is that issue. 

Friday we started with the grilled flatiron steak with tapenade and tomatoes. The crusted, smokey steak paired with the tapenade was an unexpected and lovely combination. Honestly, the tomatoes were nothing special, but that steak...oh, yeah. Seconds please.

We enjoyed the slow roasted salmon with cherry tomatoes and Israeli couscous on Sunday night. Mr. DD slow roasted the salmon indirect on the grill and it was divine. 

Both recipes were easy, quick and delicious. Kind of a rarity from the usual Bon Appetit fare. Not the delicious part, obviously, but the quick and easy part. 

We were also quite taken with their taco article. So much so, that we had tacos on Monday night. Although we didn't follow any of their filling recipes, we did enjoy the quick pickled onions, which will definitely be on the must-haves list for our Mexican nights. Yum.

Food, eating, more food and more eating. That about sums up our weekend. Needless to say, I'll be needing that boot camp sooner than later. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, whatever you got up to. 

until next time,