Kitchen: Oven Love

I am excited to tell you that we made a big purchase over the weekend - that's right, a new stove!

You are probably thinking, wow, this must mean they are going forward with the new kitchen project that I blogged about here. But sadly, the answer to that question is still unknown. Time is slipping away and we have yet to agree on a new layout and fear the project would run into the Holidays - so we shall see. But then why, you ask, would you buy a stove?

Because we loved it. We knew it's what we wanted and we heard that they were no longer being imported into this country (still being made though - so parts won't be a problem) and stock was running low. And most importantly, the price was right.

So, which one did we go with in the end - is the anticipation killing you?!? I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

Fratelli Onofri Royal Chiantishire Giant Oven

We took the advice of many a reader, family member, and stranger and ditched the double oven concept in favor of one large oven. We will attempt to squeeze in a microwave convection oven somewhere else.

We made our purchase at Reed Appliances in Chicago. It's a small, family run, high end appliance shop, also offering support - run by Mike and Yanike Reed. If you are in the area and like the idea of buying your appliances from a company that actually provides personal service - check them out.

Now, all we need to do is plan the rest of the kitchen to live up to the beauty of our new stove!
Ah, details, details...