Sausages, a Summer Recipe

During the Summer, the days are long and hot, and I usually don't feel like making much for dinner. But alas, these responsibilities do not go away so I am always in search of easy, low maintenance, quick cooking recipes. And now with Fall quickly approaching, my cooking bug is beginning to resurface.

My last trip home to Cincinnati resulted in a freezer full of the most lovely sausages you can imagine from Kroeger and Sons meats at Findlay Market. If you live in or around Cincinnati and haven't been to Findlay Market, you really are missing out.

As you probably know, sausages are a mainstay in the UK and that is where I truly fell in love with them. But finding the same variety that are available in the UK is hard to do, even in Chicago. Fortunately, Kroeger has over 40 varieties on any given day - hence the load we insisted on bringing home with us.

Last night I made Grilled Sausages with Figs and Mixed Greens for dinner. It was delicious and everyone enjoyed the meal, probably for different reason, but nonetheless it was consumed by all!

Check out the recipe here. I used lamb and fresh cherry sausage from Kroeger. I also added avocado because we had some on hand and it needed to be used - and because my daughter is mad for the stuff! For the dressing, I substituted agave nectar for the pomegranate molasses. Maybe not quite the same but it worked.

This is a great way to serve sausages while it's still warm outside and without some of the guilt!

Let me know if you try it and like it.