Kitchen: It's all in the details...

First off, I'd like to say thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments about our kitchen. 

Essentially, we went about this project without a formal plan on paper, just a vision in our heads - there were many moments of despair, but we powered through and truly love the results. 
I'm so pleased that many of you seem to as well!

Today, I thought I'd share some additional information concerning the thought process behind some of the decisions and selections we made. And of course, I'll be including the source list.

Hopefully this will satisfy any remaining curiosity out there!

Why did we choose a double bowl sink? 
Once the final layout was in place, we realized that there would be very limited space to the left of the sink.  Meaning, there wouldn't be a big enough area to dry dishes on the counter-top...and the idea of a double sink was born. 

What happened to the bridge faucet concept?
The story behind the faucet selection is a simple one. It's the only faucet that we could both agree on! 
faucet: Kallista in nickle

Why would you downsize the only window in your kitchen?
Again, this was not a decision that we made quickly. But ultimately, every kitchen needs storage and that was our priority. Plus, adding a symmetrical cabinetry on either side of the range hood made the most sense, aesthetically.

Pendent Light - Pottery Barn
Roman Shade - Overstock
Tea Towel - I received these from a dear friend, who gifted them just because - don't you love friends like that! They can also be found here, cat studio.
Paper Towel Holder - HomeGoods

Why did you decide to incorporate open shelving?
I love to accessorize a kitchen, but I didn't want to clutter the counter-tops, open shelving is the perfect solution for this dilemma.

Copper Kettles - antique, pre existing
White Canisters - Williams Sonoma, pre existing
Provincial Platter - Williams Sonoma, pre existing
White bird - Pottery Barn, pre existing
Blue and White Pottery - per existing, all from eBay, T.G. Green & Co. Cornishware
Wall Color- BM Guilford Green

What was the jumping off point for the entire kitchen?
The stove!
As you may remember, we actually purchased this stove almost a year before our project kicked off. We fell in love with the look and functionality, then it was just a matter of making it work in the kitchen!

Source List
Kettle: Le Creuset, pre existing
Pot Holder: Cath Kidston, pre existing
Cabinet Paint: BM White Down
Counter tops: Crema Marfil marble, antiqued finished

Source List
Backsplash - Lowe's
White Canister - pre existing
Green Canister - pre existing
Cherry Pitcher - Crate and Barrel
Basket - HomeGoods

How did you decide on polished brass hardware?
Truth be told, I wouldn't consider myself a polished brass kind of girl, but in this case, it really does work in the kitchen. It ties in the two metals of the stove, is in keeping with the hardware throughout the rest of the house, and adds to the old world feel we were going for in the kitchen.

Why did you remove the window on the South wall?
We knew we wanted to include a pantry and the area next to the fridge was the ideal space, but the existing window would of made this layout impossible. The window really had to go - no other option, really!

Why did you decide to make the the buffet area such a narrow depth?
In this area, the lower cabinets are 18" deep and the upper cabinets are 12" deep. The whole kitchen isn't terribly wide, so we choose to make the buffet narrow depth to open up the entire kitchen. 
It really does make a huge difference over the previous layout.

Source List
Wire Fruit Basket: Crate and Barrel, pre existing
Toaster Oven: Breville

How did you decide to incorporate a wet bar?
This was also one of those decisions that we really went back and forth on. Should we make this whole area into a pantry? Or should it be a butlers pantry? Or a wet bar? 
In the end, Mr. DD took the lead on this one. He wanted the bar and he got it.

Source List:
Sink: Hammered Nickel, Overstock

Source List
Center Rug - Antique Turkish Rug, pre existing
Sisal Rugs - Overstock
Chairs - pre existing

Ok, well, that was quite the post! 
I think I have pretty much covered the project now. 

Want to see the kitchen 1.5 years later? click here

Until next time, 

The Big Kitchen Before and After Reveal

After almost 3 months of constructions, our kitchen is finally complete.
And we couldn't be happier with the results.

Take a peek!



New window and pendent above the double bowl, apron fronted sink.

36" range and custom hood.


Custom panel fronted built-in fridge and pantry.


Built-in buffet area.


Wet bar.

Well, there you have it. 
The new and improved kitchen. 

There's a lot to take in...I hope you enjoy!

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Until next time, 

Kitchen Sneak Peek

I think it's safe to say that we are very near completion on our kitchen renovation!
Just a couple bits and bobs to mark off the check list for the contractors.

Here's a sneak peek of where we are to date...

The cabinets have been primed and painted.

The counter-tops have been installed.

And the backsplash has been installed.

So what's left?

Priming and painting the trim and walls. 

And of course, 

And moving back in.

Next time I post about the kitchen, I should be showing off the reveal. 
Wish me luck!

If you'd like a review of where we started and where we've been, click here.

Until next time, 

Weekly Kitchen Update No. 4

Well, friends, I am happy to say that our kitchen is nearing completion. It's so close I can taste it! Of course, in reality, we have at least another 2-3 weeks, but details, details!

During our last update, I shared images of the cabinets without doors. 

As of yesterday, we have doors! 

The wet bar area.

And the buffet area.

The refrigerator has received its new custom panel doors.

The new back door has finally arrived and been installed!

The hood is in place, and the dishwasher has its new custom panel as well. 

Our new two bowl, apron fronted, farmhouse sink (if you'd like a reminder on all we had to choose from in terms of sinks, click here) has found its home under the new kitchen window.

Lots of progress in a weeks time!
I'm sure you can see why I am excited.

What about you, making big progress on any projects around your house?

 Next up: completion of the cabinet inserts, priming and painting the cabinets, and counter-top install! 
Fortunately, we managed to select a counter-top, but the paint color is still under discussion - wish me luck!

Until next time, 

Weekly Kitchen Update No. 3 - Plus I need your help!

The kitchen is coming along leaps and bounds! 
We've had our set backs, certainly, but progress is definitely being made. 

As you can see, all the boxes along the West wall have now been completed!
And the appliances are in place.

Check out that stove! 
The starting point for this whole project.

To the right of the stove will be deep storage drawers, then the dishwasher and sink. 
Between the sink and the wall will be the much coveted platter storage. 
Can you tell I am excited at this stage??

The built in fridge flanked by the pantry, which as a side note, has turned out bigger than we could of hoped for - very happy with that outcome. 

So here's where I need your help. 
Now that the cabinet bases are in place we can move forward with the counter-top selection. 
The problem is, we can't decide which way to go. 
Mr. DD wants more contrast, I want less. 

Here are a couple of options we are considering, separated by the backsplash tile. The tea pot lid represents the stove color and the background tile is the actual floor tile.

Hope that makes sense.

So, what do you think - lighter with honey toned veining or darker all over honey color. 

Until next time,