The Little Things

The other night, John, my husband, came home with a gift for our daughter; glow in the dark, sparkly, star wall stickers. How sweet is that?!?! Was it a huge, thought out gesture, no, but was it just as great - yes! Especially to our daughter, Tessa. At this age, she doesn't understand the difference between a gift of crayons or a pony!

I am sure you can guess what was top priority for Tessa the following morning...the stickers had to be added to her room! The whole time chanting, "Daddy gave Tessa star sticker" and anyone that knows this child can tell you that she is in a huge repetition stage!

This is the great thing about a baby's room - practically anything goes. Does it all have to match and follow every design rule - of course not! Do I secretly wish that it did, kind of, but then I remember this room is not about me, it's about her and her simple enjoyment of what it contains.

Here are a couple of pictures of the nursery:

before (again with that carpet!)

after, including the highly coveted sparkly star stickers!


I can't say that I absolutely love what is going on in this room, but Tessa does. She loves the animals, flowers and stars and I like the fact that they are commitment free wall decals! I found these decals at Target, but you can find them almost anywhere these days. Here are a couple of suggestions, if you happen to be looking for some at the moment.

Do you agree, should a nursery be a design free zone?