Nursery Reveal

Well, it's finally time. I have been taunting you for weeks with all the nursery projects and hoping/promising a reveal before our little one arrived...And I've done it!

Our last delivery arrived yesterday and we officially finished the nursery last night. The sun came out this morning so I was able to get some decent pictures - it's like it was meant to be! 

Nothing like taking it to the wire though, in fact, as most of you read this, I will be at the hospital - hopefully having a smooth induction. Fingers crossed!

So without further ado, I welcome you to Baby E's room...

Now, as most of you know, our first little girl was born in London and her nursery doubled as a guest room - needless to say, it wasn't terribly over the top! 

We moved into this house when she was a little over one years old - and to be honest, we had bigger fish to fry than creating a cute nursery - so we painted the walls the color of her most beloved and cherished favorite stuffy and called it a day. 

If you'd like to see where we started, click here

With the announcement of this little girl, I knew I wanted to update our nursery and make it special for her.

First I added the painted tree mural and then the homemade mobile. 
You can read about both projects here and here

But, of course I couldn't stop there! 
My mind was spinning with all the possibilities. 

We updated her armoire using fabric and ribbon. 
You can read all about that project here

And of course, I had to add back the glow-in-the-dark sparkly stars! 
A special gift from Daddy never gets discarded.

The space between the window and armoire was looking a bit bare, so I created this simple artwork, inspired by this Land of Nod alphabet wall art.

I've had the alphabet cards forever. They first resided in the Big Girl Room but I got tired of re-sticking them every couple of days, so they came down and awaited their next purpose. Now they are velcro-ed in place and simply hung in a poster board frame. 

Moving on over to the other side of the room, I created a simple wall gallery above her dresser, which doubles as a changing table.

A feminine mirror, another little E, a frame which awaits a new family photo (but currently holds a scrap piece of the zig zag fabric from the armoire), a chalk/pin board, and a print purchased from Etsy complete the look. 

And before you go asking - No, we won't be sharing her name until she arrives. But I figured you'd enjoy guessing in the meantime. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek around our new nursery. I certainly enjoyed creating it and can't wait to meet the little lady that will be calling it home. 

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DIY Birdie Mobile

No nursery is complete without a mobile - a little something to keep the little guys entertained during the hours they spend on their back in the crib.

We never had one with our first daughter, so I knew that I wanted to include a mobile in our updated nursery. 

I looked around online, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to customize one to meet our (who am I kidding, my) nursery needs.

I picked up an embroidery hoop, a couple bundles of yarn and purchased these adorable birds on Etsy.

Click here to see similar birds for sale.

I started by tying both colors of ribbon to the embroidery hoop and...

wrapping my little heart out!

I love the striped effect that two colors provide. 
Not to mention the texture!

Here's a close up of one of my birdies.
 Love the birds - didn't love the white ribbon.

But that's easy enough to fix.
So I cut off the white ribbon and replaced it with more of the pink yarn.

Then I cut long lengths of yarn and braided two pink and one blue together to make the hanging supports.
Time consuming - yes! Loving the extra little detail - YES!

I choose to use three supports, but in hindsight, four may have made it easier to hang evenly. 
Ah, well, you live and learn...

Laying the hoop on a flat service, I tied the three hanging supports together and then braided the upper portion.

Then we hung the whole thing with a little hook in the ceiling.
It weighs next to nothing, so hopefully the little hook will cut the mustard!

The birds are simply hung and tied with bows.

I like that the whole thing can be altered - the height can be adjusted as can the birds. That way if we find it's too low once the baby arrives, we can just adjust. 

So, what do you think? 

I think it's the perfect accompaniment to the tree.

Hopefully little No. 2 will think so too! 

A couple more projects to go, but only a week until our scheduled induction. 

Hopefully I'll have a reveal for you next Monday.
Stay tuned to find out as I race against the clock.

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By Popular Demand: Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

I have to say that I feel like I've hit a small milestone on my little blog. 

See, I always write things like - contact me with any questions, etc. Most of these requests go unanswered. 

But in the last couple of weeks, I've actually had two questions posted! 

Can you believe it - a year in the making...

Clearly I am excited.
Wouldn't you be?

So what was the question you ask?

The question was:

How did I make those cute flowers featured on my nursery tree mural?

Don't you know, I am so happy to share!

It couldn't be simpler really...

I started by folding and tearing small squares of tissue paper in a variety of colors.

I happened to find this three pack of assorted colors from Target for $1.99 - one pack was more than enough for all 7 flowers. 

Next I layered the colors - starting with green on the bottom to act as the leaves and then both tones of pink to act as the petals. I used 6 squares for the largest of the flowers and 4 for the smaller flowers.

I think the uneven torn edges add that little bit of extra texture.

Once you are happy with your colors, etc, gather in the back from the middle and start squishing the paper in to place. 

This was mostly trial and error, just working it until I found something I liked and looked remotely like a flower. Wish I could tell you there was more science to it than that, but alas, there is not.

Once you have achieved your floral look, separate the layers a bit and add a bit of hot glue to hold it all in place. 

Squish, hot glue, squish, hot glue - you get the idea.

And Voila - assorted flowers of various sizes and colors!

I applied double-sided velcro from Michael's to attach them to the wall.

Most people agree - the flowers make the tree! 

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! 
Please, please, please keep those questions coming! 

Until next time, 

Finishing Touches on the Shabby Chic Armoire

You probably remember this shabby chic armoire from my nursery plans post. 

No, well, I don't blame you - it's nothing spectacular to look at.

But it serves it's purpose. 

Actually, this used to hold our old box TV in the living room in our house before we moved to London. 

Needless to say, lots had changed by the time we got back!

Would you believe I actually picked this guy out of the dumpster in my first condo building in the city?

Looking at it now, I can maybe see why someone would just get rid of it.

But not me, I've got plans to dress this little guy up a bit.
Starting with the interior.

You've seen fabric lined bookcases and built-ins, well, how about a fabric lined nursery armoire? 
I think so! 

You may remember this fabric that I also used on my memory filled shadow box project.
That's the good thing about coordinating color schemes from one room to the next - dual purpose fabric. 

The steps are pretty self explanatory: measure the space needing to be covered, mark on backside of fabric and start cutting. 
Mr. DD handled the spray adhesive for me...such a nice guy!

On went the first piece and I realized I probably should of ironed the fabric first.
You live, you piece.

I won't bore you with a play by play on each piece - I am sure you get the idea.

But I will share that I found this dough scraper to be extremely helpful when it came to getting those annoying air bubbles and wrinkles out. 

This tool is so multi-functional!

Once all the fabric was in place, I used fabric glue to cover the seams with ribbon. It went a long way to cover any unsightly cutting mistakes - and, of course, gives it a nice finished look.

Time to stage; you know I love it!

On the top shelf, I've placed Mr. DD's baby blanket, mine and our oldest daughter's. As well as some more fragile items gifted to the girls. 

The bottom shelf holds an assortment of soon to be loved baby books, toys and stuffies. 

See that white polar bear hiding in the corner - yup, that was my very own lovey growing up, Snuggles. I'm not too proud to admit it.

A vast improvement over where we started! 
Wouldn't you say?

This corner is coming along nicely. I have one more project I'd like to include over here - but time is slipping away, so we'll see if it gets done. For now, I won't ruin the surprise.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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Just Another Tree - I don't think so!

If you saw my post last week regarding all the planned updates for the nursery, you probably aren't surprised to see this post today. 

That's right, we finished off the new tree mural in the nursery over the weekend. 
I told you these projects would be happening very quickly! 

Although tree murals are kind of a dime a dozen in nursery's these days, I still love the look, so I invited my very talented friend over to sketch one for our nursery.

If you look closely at this photo, you can see the chalk outline - thanks so much Sara, I really couldn't of done this without you!

Once the image has been sketched on the wall, it's really just a matter of coloring in the lines - now that's something that I can handle. 

Doesn't this leaf-less tree seem perfect for this time of year? 
Kind of spooky Halloween-ish. 

But it didn't last long because as soon as the trunk was dry I came back in to add the leaves. 

I had initially planned on doing two different tones for the leaves, but one of the colors really didn't have enough contrast, so they were all done in this lime green color.

I decided to come back and highlight the leaves with the lighter color at the edges and veining through the center. The contrast isn't amazing, but I am sure my newborn will appreciate it! 
Wouldn't you agree?

For further texture and dimension I added tissue paper flowers.

These were made simply by adding layers of tissue paper in various colors, scrunching them together and hot gluing it all in place. I attached the flowers to the wall using velcro. My thought was that if they ever became damaged or super dusty, I could just remove them and start over. 

It's hard to tell, but I do have various sizes going on as well. Again, a small detail that I am sure our daughter will notice!

The last touch was the addition of this cute painted birdhouse.

Ok, clearly, I had a spot on my camera lens while photographing the tree. 
Ugh - so annoying. Sorry about that!

This mural probably took a day total start to finish, and the results are so much better than the decal. 
I'm really happy with it! 

If you need more info on how to make the tissue paper flowers, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to include a tutorial in an upcoming post.

More projects are coming up quickly, so stay tuned!

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