5 Inspirational Porches

5 Inspirational porches to get your Spring re-fresh groove on...

I've been pinning my little heart out, gaining inspiration for our upcoming porch re-fresh. Wanna see some things that have caught my eye? Of course, you do!

Loving the multi-functionality of this space, all the neutrals and continuity throughout. 

Similar to the first porch in terms of neutrals but with a lot more plants and more of a cozy, homey feel.

Can you say greenery? Love it! But, in our climate with my semi-black thumb and summer travel schedule probably not terribly practical. If you can do it, awesome, have me over!

Palms! Love me some palms. This feels way more tropical, in a good way. Also digging the mixed textures with metals, stone, glass and whicker. Collected, but not disjointed. 

I tried to stay away from all the hanging bench/chair/beds because I know it's not a possibility in our space, but man, it's hard. They all look so fun!

I do love a brick porch though, and those palms! Again with the palms. Mixed materials, neutrals, greenery...ah, yes, I can see it all coming together in my head. And I'm excited, very excited. 

More to come...