Guest Bedroom Progress

When I mentioned in Monday's post that I'd share the rest of the guest room soon you probably didn't think I meant today. I didn't think I meant today. Then I thought, really, why not? It's not perfect, but it will probably stay in this state for quite awhile so why not just share it already. So there you go…

The room really started to come together after we figured out the new layout to accommodate the desk and after I sprayed the mirror. Wasn't sure how it would turn out, but honestly, it might be my favorite piece in the room now. You can really see the detail of the intricately carved wood.

I used to have trouble keeping anything green alive in this room, but now that I'm up here all the time working it's not a problem anymore. A great excuses to fill the space with plants. One of my favorite accessories, for sure.

For the bedding I paired a herringbone blanket with floral duvet and shams, I do love to play with patterns after all. Working with a platform bed has been a new experience for me, but I think the tucked blanket shows off the upholstered side rails well. The crowing jewel is the coral velvet lumbar pillow - it's hard to get a true read on the color but it's gorgeous and just the little touch of luxury this room needed. 

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of our little guest room.

until next time,