Guest Bedroom Progress

When I mentioned in Monday's post that I'd share the rest of the guest room soon you probably didn't think I meant today. I didn't think I meant today. Then I thought, really, why not? It's not perfect, but it will probably stay in this state for quite awhile so why not just share it already. So there you go…

The room really started to come together after we figured out the new layout to accommodate the desk and after I sprayed the mirror. Wasn't sure how it would turn out, but honestly, it might be my favorite piece in the room now. You can really see the detail of the intricately carved wood.

I used to have trouble keeping anything green alive in this room, but now that I'm up here all the time working it's not a problem anymore. A great excuses to fill the space with plants. One of my favorite accessories, for sure.

For the bedding I paired a herringbone blanket with floral duvet and shams, I do love to play with patterns after all. Working with a platform bed has been a new experience for me, but I think the tucked blanket shows off the upholstered side rails well. The crowing jewel is the coral velvet lumbar pillow - it's hard to get a true read on the color but it's gorgeous and just the little touch of luxury this room needed. 

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of our little guest room.

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An Imperfect Guest Room

So, remember when we snagged the bed from our guest room to give to our soon to be 3 year old? Yeah, it kind of left a big fat hole in the guest room.  A hole the size of a full size bed. 
Only a small problem, as we had guests the other weekend and no where for them to sleep.

guest room before

Needing at least a mattress, in a pinch, we found Tuft & Needle online and decided to give them a try. Reasonable prices, free shipping, quick turn around time and literally only two options to choose from - making a selection was easy peasy. We didn't know what to expect as the FedEx truck pulled up, but it certainly wasn't a vacuum sealed, rolled, pancake thin mattress. We definitely had our doubts. But, after we removed the shrink wrap, the mattress began to almost inflate, until it reached its full 10" thickness. And would you believe it, it's like a proper mattress, made of foam, and totally comfortable. 
If you ever find yourself in the need of a new mattress, definitely check these guys out, here

Of course, when we found out our guests were coming, I was quick to order a bed frame, but sadly, it didn't arrive in time. They slept on the Tuft&Needle mattress on the floor. Not my finest moment, but ultimately we'd rather have them visit with an imperfect house instead of waiting for a perfect house. When is a home ever perfect anyway?

In the end we decided on this platform upholstered, curved headboard bed. Our guest room is a small room. That's just a fact. The previous owner used it as an office. We've had a lot of debates as to whether a queen size bed would actually fit. But, ultimately, we decided our guests would appreciate a bigger bed over more space in their room. Because the room is so small, we went with a platform bed - it gives the look of a complete bed frame without taking up all the space. 

So far we are loving it! The bed seems to be very high quality, the fabric and upholstery are lovely and the nailhead trim adds a special finishing touch. 
Now, just to sort out the rest of the room. Our next set of guests are due to arrive in just two weeks. Tick tock. 

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Laying It Out

While I was waiting for all that paint to dry on my newly robin's egg blue dresser, I had plenty of time to work on a new layout for the guest bedroom. 

Our guest room is an L shape, so the layout is tricky no matter what you do. Walking in, you first see the desk and chair combo, it's only once you round the corner that you see the bed in the alcove. While it's kind of cozy over there, I never really liked how it looked when you first entered the room. 

To make matters worse, there is a pretty substantial bulk head (is that what it's called when it's on the floor?) running under the window. It makes the alcove smaller than it appears. 

Ideally, I would love to have the bed under the window. You'd see it face on right as you walk in the room. There'd be plenty of room on either side of the bed, but alas, it just doesn't fit. Grumble, groan.

So, in the end, I flipped the bed across from the alcove. Now, you see the bed right when you walk in. No mistaking what the purpose of the room is, now. 

And before you even think it, yes, I know the bedding is a mess. I could of faked it and made it look all nice, but the reality is, we had guests. The sheets needed washing and changing. And since changing the bedding is a priority, why bother making it look anything more than it is. A mess. 

The little alcove across from the bed now houses the desk, a chair (relocated from the old kitchen) and the chaise (relocated from the BGR). 

Most of our guests will probably appreciate the chaise as a place for a little break away from our crazy kids! ha! But seriously, the chaise was taking up a LOT of space in the BGR. And the bigger our big girl gets, the more room she needs to play. The chaise may come back down to her room at a later date, but for now, it's helping to cozy up the guest room. 

Ok, so that's taken care of. Now it's time to move onto the fun stuff - like putting the room together. Working on the bedding, accessories, and all those little extras that make a guest room so inviting. 

I've got my work cut out for me. 

Until next time, 

I'm on a Roll

Last week I shared my newly revamped cedar chest and my plans for our guest room. Keeping those things in mind, what do you think I tackled first in the guest room? If you said, paint that hideous bed frame, I'd say, I wish I was that motivated! 

Instead I started off a little more low-key and tackled this ugly dresser.

This ugly dresser has had quite the ride with us. 
We bought it a long time ago; in fact, this was the dresser that Mr.DD was forced to purchase when we moved in together. Of course, I was super excited to finally be living together, but I wasn't excited about his stuff moving into my already packed-full place. So I casually mentioned the dimensions of the only available spot in my condo, and low and behold this dresser just happened to fit. Will wonders never cease...

Seeing as this was the first piece of furniture that we purchased together for our shared home, we couldn't just ditch it. We loved it. We loved it so much, we hauled it all the way to London with us. That's right, this cheap, fruitwood dresser with wonky drawers moved overseas with us. Of course, it did.

While in London, we subjected our guests to this dresser. Over and over again. Even after, in our first place, the water heater tank leaked, causing the ceiling to fall through, right on top of the dresser. Miraculously, the dresser was unscathed. Minus, the slightest bit of water damage that only caused the drawers to become more wonky.

But never fear. We continued to love it. So much so, that we moved it back with us to the US. And here we are, almost 10 years later, treating our guests to the same cheap, wonky dresser. You've seen it in every home we lived in, but you've never seen it like this...

Now, it's cheap, wonky and a beautiful shade of robin's egg BLUE. Totally different, but yet, still the same. 
You're welcome. 

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Guest Suite Plan and Inspiration

I promised myself (and my readers) that March would be the month I finally finish my guest room. The list isn't terrible long, but for some reason, I'm just not that motivated. Hopefully, writing this post will help to change all of that.

Here's a shot of the guest room, probably from this time last year. You see, the guest room is on our 3rd floor and I really never even go up there unless we have guests planned. It must be one of those, out of sight, out of mind scenarios. 

That being said, we did manage to make a couple changes. Last year, we finished painting the room, including most of the oak trim, replaced the window and made new window treatments.

And that's where the party ended. But over the course of the last year, I've come up with a couple more ideas. Naturally.

First, I'd like to work on a new furniture arrangement. Currently, when you walk in the room, you see the desk. The bed is only visible as you round the corner. It gives the impression that it's little more than a work space instead of feeling like a homey, home away from home.

Next, I'd like to finally sort out the bedding. The bedding, thus far, has been a random, piece meal, assortment. Time to make it a bit more cohesive. That doesn't mean I am going down the 'set' road; that's not my style. 

But I would like to try some things that are maybe just a bit different to the rest of the house. I'm hoping for an eclectic, homey vibe. Maybe a cottage feel. It probably has something to do with the eaves, and the paneling, they just say 'cottage' to me.

There will definitely be quilts. Lots of quilts. They just make me happy, what can I say.

I might even paint some furniture in an attempt to lighten the whole scheme of the room.

And finally, I'm also going to try and incorporate a bit of extra storage.

Then it's on to the all important artwork and accessories. 

Sounds like a tall order. Stay tuned to see how it all comes together. Don't forget to check out my Pinterest page for a sneak peek of some of my inspirational images.

Until next time,