Transformation: Adding Sophistication

Last week we talked about transformations, big and small. The chair re-upholstery project was a big one, obviously, that made a big impact. This week I'm sharing another transformation, but this time, it's a small project. 

Check out this dresser that arrived with the shipment from my parent's old house. It used to be my brother's dresser growing up. To me, it screams little kid - not exactly the look I am going for in the guest room. But, nothing beats free y'all. So I picked up some new hardware at HomeGoods for a whopping $9.99/four pieces and set about transforming the dresser. 

Take a peak at the clear glass knobs I selected. I think they give the dresser a much more sophisticated look. Kinda French-y, no?

It's like a whole new dresser. Ok, maybe not an entirely new dresser, but definitely a more updated look that says "French inspired, relaxing, stay for awhile, but not too long, guest room".  

So far we've show how accessories, fabric and now hardware can transform an outdated item. What will we think of next? Or more like, what will we transform next...

until next time,