Transformation: Adding Sophistication

Last week we talked about transformations, big and small. The chair re-upholstery project was a big one, obviously, that made a big impact. This week I'm sharing another transformation, but this time, it's a small project. 

Check out this dresser that arrived with the shipment from my parent's old house. It used to be my brother's dresser growing up. To me, it screams little kid - not exactly the look I am going for in the guest room. But, nothing beats free y'all. So I picked up some new hardware at HomeGoods for a whopping $9.99/four pieces and set about transforming the dresser. 

Take a peak at the clear glass knobs I selected. I think they give the dresser a much more sophisticated look. Kinda French-y, no?

It's like a whole new dresser. Ok, maybe not an entirely new dresser, but definitely a more updated look that says "French inspired, relaxing, stay for awhile, but not too long, guest room".  

So far we've show how accessories, fabric and now hardware can transform an outdated item. What will we think of next? Or more like, what will we transform next...

until next time, 

Favorite Fall Throws

After a startlingly warm Saturday, our temps have dropped a little and are expected to be fairly mild for the week ahead. You know what that means, time to get out my all-time favorite cooler weather accessory, the beloved throw blanket. I mean, seriously, is there a much better than a warm and snuggly throw? I think not. 
Here are a couple of my current fall favorites:

Cream cable knit throw. All about texture, this throw could be used in almost any space - it's subtle and cozy and snuggly. Pure autumnal bliss. 

ps. new iron and marble plant stand - thank you mom and dad!

Faux fur throw. I wasn't sold at first, but after picking this one up for a steal at TJ Maxx last year, I quickly fell in love. Curled up in front of the fire with coffee/wine, you really can't get much better. Try it. You'll be hooked. 

pps. please note the massive armoire against the back wall, guess where it came from? You'll never guess…

Cashmere throw. Need I say more? Also a favorite of my kids who used it as a picnic blanket this summer. To be clear, I did not enjoy their use of my cashmere blanket as a picnic blanket. Nor did I love it when they spilled apple juice all over it. Just saying.

Patterned/colorful throw. 
A great way to interject a little current style and/or pop of color to your space. I love the herringbone pattern of the throw paired with the floral pattern in the chair. Kinda wanna keep this one out year round. May have happened…

You won't be surprised to learn that I shop for all my favorite fall throws at luxurious spots such as: Target, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Stop by and see what favorite fall throws you can find. Then curl up and enjoy. Fire and wine optional. 

Hope you had a great weekend. 

until next time, 

Transformation: So Long Tapestry

Lately, we've been talking a lot about transformations within your home. Whether it be a little paint or just a bit of accessorizing, sometimes it's the little stuff that goes a long way. And, sometimes, you gotta go all in with the big change. 

Like with this chair, for instance. This lovely, tapestry inspired, late 90's chair has been with me for a very long time. Like my first apartment, long time. You've probably never seen it before because I've spent the last 4+ years strategically editing it out of every. single. photo.
Sure, I could have sold this chair and purchased a lesser quality chair for a couple hundred dollars, but this is a solid, well constructed, extremely comfortable chair that really does deserve another stab at life. 

So, when I stumbled across a great sale ($10/yard) on upholstery weight fabrics at a local design shop, I pulled the trigger - bought the fabric and sent this chair off to the upholsters.
And, clearly, it was worth it because look at her now. 

ps. don't miss another new-to-me little side table courtesy of my parents…did I not tell you every post from now until eternity would feature something of theirs!

So good, I'll show you another angle. 
Can you even believe it's the same chair? I feel like I've waited forever to do this…give or take 14 years. 
My point is, don't rush to purge or dismiss items that aren't necessarily your style. There is so much that can be done to make them work in your home and with your style. 

Since moving in a little over a year ago, the den has been the most "unfinished" room in the house. Because of that eyesore of a tapestry chair, perhaps? But, suddenly, it's starting to come together and have a presence all its own. Time and patience, I suppose. Oh, and a truck load of stuff from my parents. Details, details.
Now, to get rid of that hideous ceiling fan…

until next time, 

Hiding the Necessary Evils

How many of you are familiar with The Nester? Or her annual October 31 day challenge, where she writes on one topic every day during the month of October? This years topic: vignettes. How genius is that? Vigenttes can be tricky for everyone, which got me to thinking. Maybe you'd all enjoy a little break down of how I put a vignette together. Even better, a vignette paired with a wall mounted TV.

Fortunately for us, I recently acquired this beautiful drop leaf table from my parents during their downsizing. Before I brought it home, I thought it would be perfect under our wall mounted TV in the living room. But, once it was home and in place, I was a little less than thrilled. 
Talk about ho-hum. 
Time to build a vignette and see if we can make this table work. 

First things first, dealing with those necessary evils: the cable box and wall outlets.
A basket placed under the table easily covers the wires/outlets - simple enough. The cable box, on the other hand, takes a bit more work. I started by stacking books to a similar height to offset the cable box.

Next: create the distraction and add more height (especially in this situation because the table is a little low for the TV).
Concentrate on the stacked books (which is where you want the eye to settle, not on the cable box, obviously) by adding something eye catching - here I went with a brass reindeer, also courtesy of my parents. Growing up, I remember seeing the reindeer at Christmas time only - not here, baby. Year round. Times they are a changin'.
To create balance, I also added a subtle bone inlay box to the cable box. It provides height without drawing a lot of attention.

Now that the basic foundation is in place, it's just about adding additional pieces to round out the vignette. Remember: 3 is the magic number.
Here I paired two moroccan inspired votive candle holders with the reindeer and an antiqued brass urchin atop the cable box.

So much better and the table actually looks like it belongs here. It just goes to show what some proper accessorizing can really do for your home. Kind of like when we added the dark, heavy antique desk to our big girl's room and freshened the whole look with great accessories. Check it out here. Before you go dismissing free furniture, try a little accessorizing to make it work. 

Happy hump day!

until next time, 

It's fall y'all, part 4 {foyer styling}

I usually always start my seasonal decorating outside, followed by the foyer - this year they were the last two to get my attention. Funny how that works. No good reason at all.

The arrival of the new-to-me chair from my parents' home is what kick started this mini- freshening. 
See, I told you I'd be featuring another piece of their furniture. Get used to it.

The scale of this chair is much larger than the chair we had here previously so I'm considering placing a low light plant to the left of the dresser to help balance the weight. The plant pictured was relocated from the living room to get an idea of how it would look - I think I'm liking it. Don't worry, I'll keep you updated.

I've followed the same general principals as my coffee table styling (check it out here): a tray, something living, varying heighs, etc. As well as my autumn equation - modern and rustic, natural and metallic. It's a winning formula, I tell you.

The honeycomb vase provides the more modern finish, which plays nicely off the more rustic and natural touches from the antler and white ceramic pumpkin. All precariously perched atop the vintage inspired metallic tray, of course. 

I can't leave off this post without bringing your attention to our little scarab beetle. Although he is a year round fixture in our home, he seems so appropriate this time of year I just had to feature him in the foyer. 'Tis the season. 

Have a great weekend!

until next time,