A Maple Kitchen

You'll never believe it, but we actually made a decision on a house and have a signed contract! Until we get through the due diligence and inspection period, I won't be sharing all the details (although, I am sure you could figure it out if you really tried!), but I will be sharing some tidbits here and there. 

If you couldn't have guessed, we went with another project home. You know I just can't help myself. The big difference, this time around, is that the projects will, hopefully, be a bit more manageable. Like a kitchen with good space and bones, but not particularly my style. Check this out: light maple cabinets, dark green tile countertops, mixed appliances and forest green tile backsplash. 

Fortunately, the cabinets are in good shape and do not need to be replaced. Naturally, my first idea was to paint the cabinets, but we're worried about normal wear and tear. So, what if we tried to work with what we have? What; a non-white kitchen? Is that even possible? Of course it is. A quick round up on Pinterest lead me to a bunch of great inspirational pictures. Like this maple and white kitchen that looks fresh and light.

source unknown

The appliances, on the other hand, need to be replaced. I'm not usually a fan of stainless steel with white cabinets. Something about it just seems so stark and clinical to me. The good news is, stainless steel with maple cabinetry seems to be working for me. Maybe because it breaks up all that wood, I am not sure. But, I like it. 

source unknown

I know I just got done saying no to painted cabinets, but look at this island. Such a beautiful focal point to the kitchen. And you know how much I love green! The white counters really help to lighten the whole space. 

So, that's done. A plan for the kitchen! Ha, if only it was that easy. I am sure it will change a million and one times in my head between now and when we close on the house. 
Stick with me to see it all unfold.

until next time,