A Not So Maple Kitchen

We've spent the last two days dealing with inspections at the new house, and we're happy to report that all seems to be going well. The good news is we are inching closer to the time that I can officially share our new home with you! 

The bad news is, the kitchen is so not what we had thought it was. While the cabinets are in good shape, the oak (not maple) clear coat finish is not. So, where we thought we could save a bit of cash and work with them, we've decided that they need to be refinished. 
Which is a shame, considering we had a nice little plan going that I outlined here. And, even managed to gather some samples for a real life moodboard. 

(maple spice cabinets, seagrass stained island, cream crackle tile backsplash, granite counters)

But, as I predicted, our plans have changed and we are back to square one. As you may have guessed, we are considering painting the cabinets white. But, you know how I feel about white cabinets and stainless appliances...so, some of the new things we are considering are: white appliances. 

Check out this houzz article featuring white appliances. 

Or, this kitchen featured in House Beautiful showcasing the new Whirlpool Ice Collection. Stunning.
Gone are the days of the plasticy, bubbly appliance fronts and in are the sleek, white metal ones. Definitely something to consider when creating a streamlined kitchen. 
So, tell me, do any of you have the new white appliance lines in your home? Do you think they are here to stay or are they destined to be the new 'harvest yellow'?

Something else we are considering is an Induction cooktop. To learn more about them, click here. Definitely an interesting option - very new wave technology, which can be hard to wrap your head around as a die hard gas cooktop lover. 
Anyone out there a proud owner of an induction cooktop - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Wish us luck as we continue to narrow down the options for our new kitchen!

until next time,