I'm on a Roll

Last week I shared my newly revamped cedar chest and my plans for our guest room. Keeping those things in mind, what do you think I tackled first in the guest room? If you said, paint that hideous bed frame, I'd say, I wish I was that motivated! 

Instead I started off a little more low-key and tackled this ugly dresser.

This ugly dresser has had quite the ride with us. 
We bought it a long time ago; in fact, this was the dresser that Mr.DD was forced to purchase when we moved in together. Of course, I was super excited to finally be living together, but I wasn't excited about his stuff moving into my already packed-full place. So I casually mentioned the dimensions of the only available spot in my condo, and low and behold this dresser just happened to fit. Will wonders never cease...

Seeing as this was the first piece of furniture that we purchased together for our shared home, we couldn't just ditch it. We loved it. We loved it so much, we hauled it all the way to London with us. That's right, this cheap, fruitwood dresser with wonky drawers moved overseas with us. Of course, it did.

While in London, we subjected our guests to this dresser. Over and over again. Even after, in our first place, the water heater tank leaked, causing the ceiling to fall through, right on top of the dresser. Miraculously, the dresser was unscathed. Minus, the slightest bit of water damage that only caused the drawers to become more wonky.

But never fear. We continued to love it. So much so, that we moved it back with us to the US. And here we are, almost 10 years later, treating our guests to the same cheap, wonky dresser. You've seen it in every home we lived in, but you've never seen it like this...

Now, it's cheap, wonky and a beautiful shade of robin's egg BLUE. Totally different, but yet, still the same. 
You're welcome. 

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