Speaking of Changes in the Kitchen

Along with the addition of our newly hung breadboards, we've had to make room for some other bread making accessories. Again, counter space is at a premium so adding additional items to our work surfaces left me in search of alternative storage space.

Here's what we're giving a try: a cutting board covering the middle burner of the cooktop. Not only does it provide just a bit more much needed storage space, but it looks good too! Kind of breaks up the industrial feel of the stainless top. Two birds, one stone.

And I have to say, it's working so far. We don't use the middle burner all that often, and if we do, we just lift the whole board and we're good to go.

Now we've got room for our new scale, which Mr. DD uses for his baker's percentage bread recipe. {I'm sure if you ask nicely, he'd consider sharing his new methods.}

Don't know if I've mentioned that there's quite a bit of bread hanging around our kitchen now. Yeah.

Unfortunately, I've grown tired of storing our bread in the oven and/or the toaster oven.

So, now one more item graces our counter tops, my vintage bread canister. I've actually had the canister for years, but since our kitchen renovation its been sitting in the basement. So sad.

But not anymore. 

Hey, I guess this post could be my unofficial unexpected storage no. 3 post.  

How you like that?!?!

Until next time,