Can't Store It? Hang It. {Unexpected Storage No. 2}

In my February plan post, I mentioned a little project I had planned for this corner of our kitchen. Truth be told, this corner has always seemed a bit lifeless to me. When we finished our kitchen remodel last summer, we were just so happy to move back into the fully functioning kitchen that some of the little details were left undone. 

What do you decorate a kitchen with anyway? The obvious food related art? Something functional? Something unexpected?

As some of you know, Mr. DD has taken up a new hobby - bread making. Although this new hobby doesn't require a lot of stuff, the stuff that he does use is pretty sizable. Our kitchen may be newly fitted, but space is still at a premium. Can you see where this is going??

That's right, we decided to hang some of our breadboards. Design AND function - how about that? 

Trying to keep the expense to a minimum I picked up some faux brass hooks and leather shoelaces to hang our breadboards. Unfortunately, I wasn't really loving the extra shinny finish on the faux brass hooks. Now what? Well, after a bit of research I discovered brass and bronze aging solution, and figured I didn't have much to loose, why not give it a try.

A quick bath for my hardware later...they were looking a lot better.
It's a simple solution to darken and age any brass or bronze metals. It's hard to see the difference, but if you look closely you can see the slightly distressed and darkened finished. Nice.

I used the leather shoelaces to make simple hanging loops.

So far we have three boards, but as you can see, there is plenty of room to grow our little collection. I'm loving how easily accessible these boards are. BONUS, I'm also loving how they are decorating this once lonely space. 
Who says good design isn't functional?!?

Of course, now I want to change the barstool. What kind of DIY-er would I be without that coming to mind. But that's another project, for another post, for another time. 

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