The Plan for Nursery Updates

It's official, this baby is coming in just a couple of weeks and I have got to get on with the updates in the nursery! 

Have I mentioned that I am being induced on the 24th October - yes, one of the many joys of Gestational Diabetes! I think I mentioned that this pregnancy has not been a glamorous one. But enough about me, let's get back to the project at hand.

The nursery started out like this when we moved into the house a short two years ago.

After a bit of TLC it went on to become this. 

And this.

But something just didn't sit right with me; I was never really sold on that small tree decal. 

So I switched it out for this much larger and more substantial tree decal.

But then our little girl graduated to her very own Big Girl Room next door and the nursery has sat vacant for almost a year. Mocking me with all it's wicker and decal over load. 

So I started planning, knowing that I wasn't going to change the overall scheme of the room, but still wanted to make some updates.

I'm also planning to work on a minor furniture rearrangement, a wall collage,

as well as an update to this existing shabby chic armoire.

Stay tuned as these projects will be happening rather quickly.
At least that is the plan!

Speaking of our newest planned arrival, I'd love to have some guest posters lined up to keep the content fresh while I'll be taking a little RandR. If you'd be interested, please contact me via email.

Until next time,