Wing Chair Re-reveal

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen this photo and the promise of a reveal featuring it.

Not one to disappoint, I'm ready to share.

It all started when we went in search of the green trim, which we later applied to the Sherrill chairs. For more about that project, click here.

We also ran across this green nubby fabric in the clearance section, priced at $5.99 a yard. After a quick review of the sample at home, we decided it was too good to pass up and purchased 5 yards. 

Can you guess which chair got the update?

Oh, all right, I'll give you a hint!

That's right, it's my original $16 eBay wing chair.
Yes, it went from blue velveteen to a customized slipcover with nailhead trim, which you can read about here.

But the truth is, it never was quite right - the slipcover stretched and moved every time someone sat in it. It bothered me - to say the least. 

So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped on board.

And I couldn't be happier with the results!

I hate to admit it to all the diehard DIY-ers, but I didn't do this myself.

I thought about doing it myself, but somethings are better left to the professionals. 

And like the fabric, I got a great deal on it.  Such a great deal, that it was worth driving it all the way to Cincinnati, Ohio over the Thanksgiving holiday to get it done. 

And even better when I found out my parents decided to treat us as a Christmas gift. 
Thanks again guys!

Ever since we put the chair next to the fireplace it's been the most sought after place to sit in the room, I have a feeling that's not going to change anytime soon!

Loving how this room is coming together!
And just in time for winter hibernation.

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In the living room. 

Just before our daughter made her much anticipated appearance, I had a serious run of good luck on eBay.
One of my purchases included this pair of upholstered Sherrill chairs.

I also scored the white table on Craigslist. It was originally intended for refurbishment and to be sold on, but once I saw it in person, we knew we'd keep it for ourselves.

I've been on the search for new chairs and a table for this side of our living room for quite sometime - I really can't believe it all came together in a matter of weeks. 
I guess that nesting instinct really did kick in! 

Now, this whole side of the living room feels lighter and brighter. 

Check out how it looked just a couple of weeks ago...
So much darker and BROWN.

Now it feels cozy and warm, but still light and bright.

Of course, these chairs didn't look exactly like this when I got them - they received a little update, which I'll share with you later in the week.

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You may love it or you may hate it, but more than likely you've been the recipient of some one's castoffs at some point.

Fortunately, my parents and I have pretty similar taste, so I am usually thrilled with my 'gifts'. Check out some of the treasures I recently acquired on my last trip home. Most were brought home with an intended spot so not too much rearranging was required. Although I must admit, I do love the domino affect one new piece of furniture can have on your whole home. Maybe next time!

Bookshelf: definitely for the Big Girl's Room - what little girl doesn't come with loads of stuffies and books! More than likely, this will remain untouched.

Mirror: extra large, have tried to get this home on a number of occasions. Already found a new spot to hang on our bedroom wall.

Chaise: what a great spot for a Big Girl to read all those books. Definitely needs to be recovered at some point, but may have to wait on that one until it fits in the budget. A nice throw and pillow might be all it needs for the time being.

And finally, the poll lamp to accompany the chaise. Big plans for this guy that involve spray paint and ribbon!

I'm sure you'll be seeing more of these items in future posts! So stay tuned.

I'd love to hear about any good hand-me-down 'gifts' you're received and what you've done with them.