Fresh Traditional Built-in Styling

In case you aren't already sick of this room, I still have more to share. The built-ins at the far end of the living room are a project that I've been working on since we moved into this house in September. Lately, I've been trying to interject a bit more of my fresh traditional style and I'm finally liking what I see. 

Besides, if I waited to share these when they were perfect, I'd probably never share them…
When is anything ever perfect anyway? 

I know a lot of people literally shy away from styling shelves, but I really enjoy it. Today, I thought I'd share some of the ideas I've used to style the built-ins with my new signature style, fresh traditional. 

1. Symmetry. 
Symmetry is super traditional, but I love it. I wanted to play on the idea of symmetry by mimicking shapes and patterns, but not necessarily using the same items in each built-in. This keeps the overall scheme traditional but with a fresh twist.

2. Cohesive color scheme.
To keep the built-ins from looking too hodgepodge I kept to a cohesive color scheme. In this case, I choose green, metallics, and a touch of black.
All green would seem too traditional, the black keeps it fresh, and well, the metallics are just something I can't get away from. I love to mix my metals!

3. Pairing traditional with modern.
Fresh traditional is all about pairing traditional items with more modern items to create a fresh look. In our built-ins I incorporated a lot of our existing items like books, vases, urns, finials, and architectural details - all of which are fairly traditional. Then, I peppered the shelves with more modern accents like the capiz spheres, the black and white vases and the brass urchins. Together they work to create the fresh traditional look.

I'm planning on leaving the built-ins for awhile. 
How can you really tell how you feel about something unless you let it percolate?
Plus, John told me this room is risking over decoration. 
Ah, the horror! 
I have been concentrating the most on the living room,
(only need a piece for under the wall mounted TV)
a little break from this space will do us all some good. 

until next time, 

Rethinking the Kitchen Shelves

Remember the whole taking the breakfast out of the breakfast room shelf makeover? Well, those items that I removed from the breakfast room turn library, had me re-thinking our kitchen shelves as well.
I'm telling you, it was a shelf-a-palooza around these parts. Nothing was safe.

Sadly, there were so many cherished items that I really wanted to include in these shelves. But, alas, space is at a premium so I had to make some sacrifices. 
Editing, it's one of the hardest lessons to learn. You really can't and more often than not, shouldn't display everything at once. 
Some things have to go. It's just a matter of trial and error to see what works and what doesn't.

The platter, which we received as a wedding gift back in the day, was a must stay. I just love the colors and all that it adds to the space. And, of course, the canisters had to stay because they actually do function for our flour, sugar, etc.
With the bulkiest items in place, I had to be a ruthless editor. 
I did try to do without the blue and white, but it's so fresh and bright and plays so wonderfully with the platter that I decided they could stay. Nothing wrong with a pop of color and a shout out to Spring.

I'm slightly undecided about our chicken-wire roosters. I LOVED them when I bought them, like 5 years ago, but I'm kind of feeling like they are overplayed. Maybe a little too country for me now? But, if you can't have roosters in the kitchen, where can you have them? So they are sticking around for a bit longer. Until I've decided they are really done :)

Phew, that was a lot of posts concerning the kitchen for one week! I think you're all caught up on this space now. 
Next week, I'm stepping back in time to share what has become of the Mom cave. Spoiler alert: it's not pretty.

Have a great weekend.

until next time,