Sub-Standard Floral Arrangement?

Have you ever received flowers, and while you know it was a lovely gesture, just felt like they really weren't you?

I have and I almost feel a twinge of guilt for the post that I am about to write...but you know I'll do it anyway.

Last week, I received a beautiful floral arrangement from my husband for our anniversary. It looked a lot like this.

After enjoying it for the majority of the weekend, I decided it (or maybe just me) was ready for a change.

Remember this guy from my Fall display?

Well, his time had come and gone, but I still liked the overall look, so I decided to switch out some of the flowers. I came away with two separate arrangements that are more fitting to my style!

Here's how I did it.

Step 1: remove all flowers/foliage/filler to start from scratch. Separate feature flowers into two piles (or however many arrangements you want to make).

Step 2: add back some of the filler flowers to form a base for the arrangement and any salvageable flowers from the original arrangement.

base and salvageable original flowers

Step 3: Add in remaining large feature flowers as determined in Step 1.

base with original flowers and new feature flowers

Step 4: fill out arrangement with remaining filler/foliage as needed.

complete new floral arrangement

Step 5: repeat for any additional arrangements, as needed.

bonus second arrangement

Voila, two arrangements for the price of one. What could be better, right?