Powder Room Reveal

Sitting down to finally write this post and reveal the updated space, I'm trying to remember when I first started this project - was it this Summer? Or even this past Spring? I honestly can not remember, but whenever it was and no matter how long it took, I am so happy to have it done. 

Actually, it was about 90% done for several months while I went back and forth over which light to order. Indecision, it runs deep within me, but I finally made a choice, had it installed it and now the room is complete. Yeah! 

Welcome to the "Loo"...

A friend of mine from London (well, she's American, but we met there) and later lived near in Chicago had a "loo" sign on her powder room door and I thought it was fantastic (and nostalgic) ...so fantastic, in fact, I had my other half pick one up when he was in London last. I'm sure he'll tell you it was no easy task, but he managed :)

Thanks, Katy, for the inspiration.

Although the walls in our powder room have been Hale Navy for quite some time, I always felt like the space was lacking something, that it felt flat. Well, not any more! Thanks to a dalmatian stencil and gold craft paint. It was a labor of love that spanned more than a week - I'm just thankful that the pattern is extremely forgiving.

The gold spots did help to lighten the space and add a lot of visual interest, but the room needed a big dose of white to offset all the dark, moodiness. The shimmer of the oversized round mirror from Pier 1 is just what the space needed. That plus a huge piece of modern art!

And then there's the light - the dreaded light! Being the only source of light in the space I just couldn't decided if a single, non-glass shaded fixture would be enough. While it is a bit dark, I think it still works. It's a powder room after all, it's supposed to be dramatic! Plus, I love how the hammered "brass" plays with all the other brass elements. Thank you, Amazon Prime, for the speedy deliver and not making me sweat the decision too long.

Ugh, have I mentioned how hard it is to take pictures in a small, dark room with no natural light? No? Well, it is.

In person, the hand towel is a completely lovely shade of coral. Here, it's orange. But I had to include this shot to share my little cow friend. Isn't he so cute? As with all of my bathrooms, as of late, I find them to be the perfect spot to play with something I wouldn't necessarily want in other rooms within our home. Small spaces can be fun to experiment with...wink, wink.

So there you have it - our newly updated powder room. These little makeovers have been so fun, they've motivated us to do others in the house, too. In fact, I think I started this bathroom before we did the girl's bathroom (which is now finished, as you know). And we've already started a mini-makeover in the bonus room. We're on a roll...a toilet roll! Sorry, couldn't resist that one, it was just too easy. 

More to come...