Bonus Room Bath Plans

If you read my last post, you already know we've started in on another mini-makeover on the bathroom in our bonus room. What can I say, once we started updating all our builder-grade baths we just couldn't stop! 

Take a good look, be jealous. She's a really beauty - am I right? Big old mirror, make-up lighting, tile counter and backsplash...the list goes in. 

Other than a paint job when we moved in, she's been fairly neglected. Well, not anymore. 

P.S. taking pictures of windows is still not my strong suit!

We had initially thought this would be a simple "weekend warrior" project, but soon found out it wasn't. Famous last DIY words...

The mirror came off, no problem. The tile backsplash, not so much. Good thing someone here knows a thing or two about drywall. Hint: it's not me.

We'll also be planning a nice big backsplash with the new counter to cover any minor blemishes :)

Here's the plan, so far....although I have been known to change a thing or two along the way. Um, hello, girl's bath?!?!

Most of our mediocre budget will be headed to a new counter top and faucet, we'll be using a lot of existing stuff (think towel bars/vanity/repurposed furniture and accessories) but I'm confident we'll be able to achieve the look we're after.

And, most importantly, I'll finally have a permanent home for the millions of black and whites we've framed from our time overseas! You'll just have to use the bathroom to see them. Details, details.

Speaking of's a little peek into our progress. The black floral mirror was a London flea market find and we inherited the old windsor chair from the previous owners of our Chicago house. 

In case you're curious, my forearm, hand and nails took 4 days to recover from the spray painting session! Obviously, it was worth it ...

More to come.