Chinoiserie Style in the Living Room

Introducing my own little bit of Chinoiserie style. Yes, I know I've started a collection of blue and white and have the odd Chinoiserie throw pillow, but this is my first true (large) commitment to mixing my fresh traditional style with Chinoiserie.

And I am loving it! 
Like all good things, it seems, this piece came across my path when I was least expecting it…i.e. not looking for it and definitely not sitting on a pile of cash to make it happen. I knew I loved it right away, but let a couple of days pass until I made my first enquiry.

I'm sure you would do the same thing after a look at that amazing brass hardware. So, I did what any self respecting bargain hunter would do and negotiated a better deal that was more in our price range, braved a crazy storm, and brought our new console home.  Then proceeded to sell half of my attic stash to make it work.              

The proportions of this console work much better than the previous drop leaf table we were using as a TV stand. And it's so much more interesting to look at it that it helps distract from the big black hole of a TV.

Not to mention that it's a wonderful showcase for my favorite threesome of brass animals. 

Sometimes you just have to jump on something that inspires you - even when the timing isn't quite right. I'm so happy we could make this work in our space. 

until next time,