Think Small

In this season of awe inspiring transformations including trees, wreaths, reindeer and a certain man in a red suit I wanted to remind you that sometimes it's the littlest details that can make all the difference. 

Take this little corner of our living room as an example. It's a mostly traditional space with a couple more modern splashes thrown in to keep the the room from becoming too stuffy. We added the mother in law tongue plant, I love the spiky architecture of it, to fill out the corner and take advantage of the natural light in the window. I stuck it in this planter that I had and have loved for a long time, but in this space it just wasn't right.
In the back of my mind, I put a new planter on my list of things to look for, but figured due to the season I wouldn't find anything any time soon. 

Earlier this week I was at HomeGoods, picking up a couple gifts and looking at storage vessels for a client project, when I noticed this paint dipped basket. Maybe it's not a traditional planter, but it could work.
$15 later this little corner of our living room is looking so much better. The basket itself is traditional, while the paint dipped bottom brings a modern edge. Perfect for my transitional living room.

Speaking of changes in the living room…
If you follow me on Facebook you probably got my update about the promotion. 70% off during the cyber Monday special and now 50% off. Great deals are ready and waiting. But not for long, because people like me have already taken advantage.  Can't wait to share all the details as soon as my special delivery arrives. 

until next time,