Paint Pickin' Progress

I've been going on and on about our design plans for the new've seen our house, kitchen, fabric, and wallpaper inspiration and now I think we've made enough progress to share our paint progress.

Feast your eyes on this, baby! I know, shocking, right? Usually, I am all yellows, greens and corals - warm and cozy. But, in this house, I wanted to try something different entirely. A lighter pallet of neutral, yet warm tones. Deep blues, and green toned grays. (Blue toned grays can come across too cold for me.) 
I'm excited about this pallet, even though Mr. DD thinks it's not enough color and will be too sterile.
Hey, it's only paint - why not give something different a go, if we hate it, we can always repaint.

Upstairs will be a bit different. With two little girls, one of whom is extremely opinionated, I didn't have too much freedom to pick whatever I wanted. 
Although there are a lot of colors here, the linking undertone is gray, so hopefully the upstairs will flow as nicely as the lower level. Despite the fact we'll have one pink room!
Tip: Even if colors seem disjointed, make sure your undertones are the same and you'll be just fine. 

So, tell me, do you think gray can be warm?

until next time,