Tricky Windows plus a Fabric Decision

By now, you probably know that our home is riddled with tricky windows. 
{Mostly because I am always complaining about them.}
We've got them in the living room, bedrooms, and dining room. Below window radiators are the biggest source of aggravation, but we're also blessed to have windows that open in on the first floor.

{please excuse my dusty floors, we're in the middle of construction around here and I refuse to clean up everyday when the dust is still flying!}

In the living room, we opted for full length curtains. In the summer they hang over the radiators; in the winter, they puddle on top and kind of drape to the side. No, this is not ideal. But it works. And, long panels were definitely the look I wanted!

In the kids bedrooms, we have shorter curtains. They are kids, for crying out loud, they don't care! And neither do I.

In our bedroom, we chose faux, relaxed roman blinds over the radiators. We don't open those windows or even raise the shades really, simply because they face both neighbors homes, which are only a driveway away. Not much for privacy, but this is urban suburban living, after all.

{welcome to the construction zone}

Which brings me to our dining room. The only functioning window {the others have storm windows in place that do not have screens} in this space is over a really long radiator and, of course, opens in. To make matters worse, the new furniture layout features large pieces on either side of the window - virtually ruling out long panels. So, again, we've decided to go with a roman blind. This time of the structured variety. And, it needs to work! The 7' long, non functioning windows will have regular full length panels.

{notice the patch, more on that later this week!}

Now, you know I like to DIY as much as possible, but seeing as these treatments need to function and I've only just learned how to sew...I decided to hire out.
I know, the shock horror of it all. I can barely believe it myself.
But I know we'll be happier, in the long run, with a professional job. And fortunately for us, we were referred, by my cousin, to a wonderful and affordable seamstress in Ohio. 

{these pictures were taken outside to hopefully give a truer reflection of the color}

Mr. DD, my Mom, and I all agreed {another shock!} on this fabric and we can't wait to see the finished product!

So, here's my question to you - do you approve of mixed treatments {one roman blind, and one set of long panels} in one room? 

until next time,