Got Problem Windows?

While the girls and I are enjoying a week away visiting my brother and his family in the great state of Michigan, I thought I'd share some inspirational images for the next bedroom project. The dreaded window coverings.

Now, I only say dreaded because this old home of ours really does pose some interesting window challenges. 

In the living room: our windows are almost floor to ceiling, french door style, that open in. Two of the four windows are over radiators that are wider than the window. Essentially meaning that the panels can either lie over the radiator on the side, be short panels or shades of some nature that would have to be raised above the window casing to open them. 

For the living room, I choose panels that fell over the radiator. I guess they aren't that practical, but I like the look much better. 

In the breakfast room: the window looks out on the neighbors driveway so privacy is an issue and it's above a built-in bench. 

For the breakfast room, we choose a cafe curtain. For obvious reasons. Privacy, but still lets in the light and doesn't interfere with the bench. 

Moving on up to the bedroom. Two of the four windows were issue-less and I added long panels in a neutral linen when we move in. 

{problem windows}

The other two windows remained coverless simply because they were so problematic. Not only were they over wider radiators, which made long panels more of an issue, but they were also sandwiched next to built-in cupboards. 

The only obvious solution was to do some sort of shade or blind. I knew I didn't want a standard roman blind - it just felt too stuffy or formal for the relaxed atmosphere I was trying to create. 

Then I discovered the relaxed roman blind and I knew I had found my match. I love the shape of the first image and the relaxed fabric of the second image. 

Now, I just need to figure out how to make them with the left over $24/panel, Restoration Hardware Outlet panels. 

until next time,