Rounding out the color scheme

You may remember my new paint color scheme reveal from a couple of weeks ago, if not, click here for a recap.

This image shows all the major contenders - sofa, wall color in living room and breakfast room. Our old curtains
 are there for reference - proving to Mr. DD that they just don't work anymore! 
Time to make a change...

For the last couple of weeks I've been searching high and low for either ready made panels or fabric  - any type of inspiration really! 

I have samples galore...

This was my first love. 
Greens, yellows, corals - all the colors I want to highlight in this space. 

Coupled with these fabrics, I really felt like I was getting somewhere. 

Then when my parents were visiting a couple of weeks back, my Dad casually asked if I didn't already have that fabric somewhere. 

Did I have it!?!? 

Basically, totally innocently, stating that I have used similar things in the past - which is what I am trying to get away from here. Back to the drawing board.

I knew my plan was to lighten things up, so I went in this direction:

Similar colors but the creme background really helps to lighten things up.

Unfortunately, when my online sample arrived the fabric just had too much sheen to it for me. 
Note to self, don't forget to check the material!

My reject pile!
Can you tell which one I forgot to check the material on? 

Ordering sample fabric online can become a bit addictive!

After loads of trial and error, I think I have finally found a winner! 

It's young, light, neutral and somewhat modern, but still traditional. 
Everything I am trying to achieve with my new color scheme!
This whole redefining your style thing sure takes awhile!

So, what do you think? 
Am I on the right track?

Now onto pillow fabric.

Until next time,