Dining Room Progress: Week 5 {Moulding Installation}

Going right for the money shot today, because we are so excited that the moulding is really coming along in the dining room! 

Last I left you, we had spent a lot of time selecting our trim. I even shared some tips with you. I bet you didn't think we would have made so much progress, but in the end, it really wasn't that bad. Mr. DD is planning a little tutorial that we'll be publishing next week. 

For the time being, I'll share a little blow by blow on how it all came together over the course of 2 days! Which, as a side note, would not have been possible without the use of a borrowed nail gun. Thank you, Kyle. 

Above, the first piece of trim went in over our existing baseboard.

Next up were the two parallel, horizontal 3" boards.

Then, the connecting vertical  5" boards. 

Our little helper was in full effect. Holding boards, measuring, and writing on the walls! Here she is holding a little piece of bull nose decorative trim, the final detail before the cap.

And, the cap. The finishing detail to our beefed up, fancy board and batten style moulding. 

Next week, we'll be tackling the wood filler, caulk, sanding, and hopefully the painting. We can't believe how quickly this stage went! The room is really starting to come together and we couldn't be happier. Now, if only we could decide on a paint color...

until next time,