Recent Projects

It's been a busy winter and I feel so grateful for all our clients, both near and far. Today, I thought I'd share some of the mood boards from our recent winter projects.

The first two mood boards were completed this past winter for an e-client here in Charlotte. Although she is local, she opted for the e-Design package for both her master bedroom and dining room, which will allow her to tackle these projects on her own time. The designs stayed true to her personal aesthetic by utilizing softer colors and subtle patterns.

This next client, also local to Charlotte, opted for the e-design project as well - she is a true self starter and will probably complete her dining project faster on her own than we could have together. Prior to our consult her dining room was feeling dark and slightly lack-luster. We'll change all that with a new paint color and window treatments, while playing up the wine country feel, they love so much, through new accessories, furnishing and a table switcheroo. I can't wait to see where she takes this project.

The above two boards were created for yet another e-design client living in a historic home in the suburbs of Chicago. She contacted me after seeing our recent guest bedroom makeover and I was so thrilled to work on this project that these ideas practically spilled out onto the page. The master bedroom will include a new feature bed, linens, floor covering, lighting and custom window treatments. The sunroom/office will utilize her existing pull out sofa and chair, as well as relocated lighting and floor covering from their master. I love how all of these spaces are coming together in our favorite shared blue and white pallet.

The final board is stage 2 of a full service client here in Charlotte. The large scale furnishing are in and we are nearing the finish line. I'm loving the global accents in this space that represent this young couple so well. Exciting times.

More to come! 

A New Guest Room {Client Work}

Back in January I teased the reveal of this 2nd master, guest bedroom and fully intended on sharing it with you then...a little over a month later and I'm finally getting around to it. Sorry about that. Hopefully it's worth the wait! Of course it's worth the wait!

Guest master moodboard.jpg

The jumping off point for this space was the navy wing chair we had incorporated into her former great room. Here it provides a nice little reading nook for their guests and sets the tone for the entire space. 

As you can see the finished room turned out almost identical to the moodboard - what a rarity! And just shows how trusting and wonderful our working relationship is, gotta love a repeat client! What a fun project to work on with such fun clients! Here's to hoping for many more projects with them in the future. Wink. 


Progress: Mid Mod Project

Well, hello there. We're digging out from under our sheet of ice and pleased to know that our kids will finally be back in school after an unexpected 3 day break. Fortunately, all this home bound time has allowed for plenty of client focus. One in particular I'm working on is a new mid-century modern project. To say this style isn't exactly in my wheelhouse would be an understatement. But, I'm always up for a challenge ,so let's do this! 

The project encompasses several spaces throughout the home, we're working to unify the style and create flow through a consistent color pallet. 

I wish I had a before picture to share, not only because our clients have great taste, but because it would help explain the moodboard we created for their space. Since we don't have that picture I'll just tell you that the living room features a gray geometric rug, gray leather sectional, beautiful mid mod teal arm chairs, and a modern gray lacquered wall hanging storage/media center. 

We put together this initial moodboard to showcase the teal from their living room and pull it into other areas of the home, add additional accent colors and solidify the mid century modern style.

Our second moodboard features updated selections that are more size appropriate and also budget conscious. My first thought was to shop West Elm, as they have a great selection of Mid Mod pieces at fairly reasonable prices, but with additional research we discovered great options at both World Market and Target

These are just a few of the great pieces from each retailer and their contrasting price points. If you're a lover of this style and looking to scoop some additional items be sure to check them out! 

I'll be back with more updates as this project unfolds. Have a good one!


One Day Living Room Update {Client Work}

Do you ever just feel a little desperate and lost in your own home? Like you have a lot of stuff, good stuff, but you just don't know how to get it to all work together?

Lately I've been getting a lot of calls from people with type of problem. People looking for a little help pulling their home together. Today, I'm sharing a similar one day project we just completed. 

So, here's what we started with...a great living room with loads of fun pieces and also some obvious trouble spots like a too small area rug, a lot of similar tones, some misplaced wall hangings and unfinished shelves. But, with just a couple of hours and access to everything in their house, we made great strides toward a finished space.

One of the first issues we addressed was this side of the room which felt detached from the rest of the space due to the small area rug and lack of decor, And then there's the mirror, which is hung too high unfortunately, but also too big of a beast to be rehung.

To make the mirror appear lower we layered a tall console and a pair of lamps (from the front hall) beneath it. This also pushed the chairs more into the room, making them feel more a part of the space. A couple of throw pillows and a coordinating ottoman help round out the vignette. I should also mention that we pulled the rug out form under the couch to fill the space more appropriately. 

Next up, we turned our attention to the shelving flanking the fireplace. We gathered a couple of things from around the house and combined them with their existing accessories to create vignettes that highlighted both the height and depth of the built-ins.

Other changes included switching out the coffee table for a lighter contrasting table, rearranging occasional tables and accessories. Obviously some changes were bigger than others, but together they made a great overall impact on the room .

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning! I feel so lucky to be able to spend time doing what I love. Thank you to this sweet family for inviting me into their home! 

Since more and more clients have been asking for this type of service, I've updated the site to include new pricing for one day projects. 


A New Living Room {Client Work}

It's time! Time for my first reveal of 2016. And I couldn't be more excited. This one has been in the works for awhile, but the holidays took over and I couldn't make time to get it photographed. Now that the time has finally presented itself, I don't think my marginal photography skills really do this space justice. But I won't let that minor detail keep me from sharing this incredible space we completed for an equally incredible family.

You may remember this mood board, I shared it sometime in late 2015. 

And teased you with these peeks at the empty space and some of our initial selections.

DE LR.jpg

A new living room. Our goal was to create a casually elegant space that works equally well for family lounging as it does for entertaining. I gotta say, I think we achieved it.

This could, quite possibly, be my favorite project to date. Simple, beautiful and elegant without being stuffy and boring. A special room for a special family in their new home. Just wait until you see the 2nd master! Coming up soon.